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P.O. Box 925516
Houston, Texas

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Kent Walters   (#413)   

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Houston, TX
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12746 Justin Trl

Houston, TX  

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Nina Walters


While a Boy Scout in the '60s, my troop built 5 fiberglass canoes and paddled them all over California.  That's where my on-again, off-again relationship with paddle power has its roots.  Now I'm just enjoying it some more and would love to join in with you other folks that enjoy the same thing.  Feel free to hit me up if you need someone to participate in the shuttle exercise to keep everything secure at both ends.  If I'm free, I'd love to join you.
In other chapters of my life, I have been a scoutmaster, rock climber, backpacker, mountain climber, waterskiier, surfer, front man in a rock band, instructor, missionary, engineer, paraglider, father of 4, grandfather to 12, and husband to 1.  I lived on a boat in the San Francisco Bay for a year, in Spain for 2 years, and have visited many countries in Asia and Western Europe with my jobs, along with Russia, Mexico and Egypt for pleasure.  It's been a pretty full life, and it's not slowing down.
Right now I share my enthusiasm for kayaking with plans to take up kite-boarding over the next few years.  My work as an engineer at Toshiba really cuts into my fun, but still seems to be necessary to fund my appetite.
Back to the paddling topic, I enjoy the peace and scenery of the bayous, and I enjoy the flow of a nice river.  I found that I am not a big fan of distance racing - paddling in the dark and in icy conditions in the Texas Winter 100 helped me form this opinion.  I have enjoyed the limited sea kayaking I have done, but I think I'll stick with protected waters.  I have taken a short course in "Strokes and Maneuvers" that was very helpful in developing my basic skill set.  I enjoy riffles and Class 1-2 rapids quite a bit..