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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"99-year-old celebrates her birthday by kayaking for first time"
"Hortense Morris always wanted to go kayaking, so Sunday she got her chance to try it for the first time. She figured it was as good a way as any to celebrate her 99th birthday..."
Complete story: Florida Times-Union
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"Celebrating the canoe"
"A celebration of the culture of canoeing in Peterborough and the Kawarthas took place over the weekend. "About 500 came out to participate in the Saturday segment of National Canoe Day, organized by the Canadian Canoe Museum.

"Founded by the museum, the day was filled with a variety of activities for newcomers, better known as canewbies, and for the more experienced who have been involved in it for a while..."
Complete story: Peterborough Examiner
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"Engineer students create concrete canoe"
"Imagine a boat made of concrete. It not only floats but was used in a race. Students at Missouri State proved it's possible and they have the canoe to prove it.

"There is a competition held by the America Society of Engineers to see what school in the country has the best concrete canoe..."
Complete story:

Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Marquette Women to Canoe Superior"
"Most people think we're nuts," said Lindsay Bean, as she hauled gear down the beach to pack into a 17-foot canoe.

"She and fellow outdoor enthusiast Jess Laxo, both of Marquette, recently conducted a practice-run paddle from Founders Landing to the Sand River to make any last minute changes to their canoeing travel plans.

"The two are setting out (according to their research) to be the first pair of women to circumnavigate Lake Superior in an open canoe. Soon, they will embark on their 1,400 mile journey..."

Complete story: Daily Press
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Don't make a tipsy canoe trip"
"If you’re going to get drunk in a dinghy, you may get dinged.

“Alcohol and water craft don’t mix,” Wellington OPP Const. Mark Cloes said Tuesday.

"He was commenting a few days after a 31-year-old Waterloo man was charged with impaired operation of a canoe on Lake Belwood on Saturday..."

Complete story: Guelph Mercury
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Get the breathalyzers away from the canoes"
"I hope the gentleman charged with impaired operation of a canoe on Belwood Lake two weekends ago has sufficient legal counsel and resources to challenge his case. A canoe is not a motorized vehicle and Belwood Lake is not a highway.

"You do not need a licence to operate a canoe, so why does it impact your right to have a driver’s licence?

"A canoeist who blows over the legal limit designated for someone driving a “motorized vehicle” on a public roadway poses virtually no danger to the public..."
Complete story: Guelph Mercury
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Paddlers assist in river rescue"
"A tragedy was averted Monday evening thanks to quick thinking by recreational paddlers out on the North Saskatchewan.

"Prince Albert Police Service responded to calls about a woman waist-deep in the fast-flowing water near the south shore of the river. According to police, the 40-year-old Prince Albert resident was attempting suicide.

"Two citizens in a canoe and one in a kayak were paddling in the area as the situation escalated. They quickly paddled to the area and assisted the rescue by blocking the woman into the shore area. 

"She attempted to avoid rescue by diving under the canoe and was taken downstream by the current. When she resurfaced, the paddlers calmly grabbed on to her and slowly brought her to the officers at the shore..."

Complete story: Prince Albert Daily Herald
Entry contributed by Johin Rich.

"Teammates Break Men and Women Guinness World Paddling Records"
"Two Guinness World Records were broken simultaneously on June 26th when Carter Johnson of San Francisco, and Robyn Benincasa of San Diego, paddled a combined 511 miles in 24 hours on Canada's Yukon River. Johnson paddled 280 miles to break the previous men's record, while Benincasa paddled 231 miles, bettering the women's record..."
Complete story: 24-7 press release
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"Earthquake Causes River to Disappear"
"Following a series of moderate earthquakes that struck Costa Rica Tuesday, residents around the Guacalito River in Costa Rica discovered that the river had disappeared. reported that sometime after the earthquakes, villagers living near the river, discovered that the river was dry..."
Complete story: Yahoo News
Entry contributed by John Rich.

"Ancient, moss-covered canoe found in Alaska forest"
"An unfinished Indian canoe, apparently abandoned 500 years ago, has been discovered in a remote section of an Alaska rain forest, according to officials.

"The canoe, carved from cedar, was discovered under a thick layer of moss and is surrounded by trees that are several hundred years old, Sealaska Corp., the Alaska Native corporation that owns the land, said in a statement.

"The artifact was first spotted last winter by a surveyor checking potential timberharvest sites, but the discovery was kept confidential until now, the company said.

Complete story: The StarPhoenix
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