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HomeNL-2011-06 Launch Sites Map

Canoe & Kayak Launch Sites Map
by John Rich has launched a new feature on their web site: an interactive map of all paddleboat launch sites.  The direct link to this new feature is:

Each launch site is represented by a dot on the map, and locations are added by visitors to the web site.  Red dots are verified launch sites, and blue dots are unverified launch sites.  A location becomes "verified" when more than one person vouches for it.

To find the map for an area of interest, click and drag the location to the center of the screen, then zoom in using the scale on the left.  A screen image capture of the Houston area map is attached below.

Click on a colored dot to see more details about that particular launch site.  You can then rate the quality of the launch site, add details from your own personal knowledge, and even post photos of the site.

If you know of a launch site that is not yet mapped, you can add it yourself.  It looks to me like the entire Buffalo Bayou paddle trail network is missing - who wants to tackle that one?

As more paddlers contribute to this mapping database, it will become a very useful tool in advance trip planning!

Houston Launch Sites Map
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The author, John Rich