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Hidalgo Festival
April 16-17, 2011
Christy Long

Hidalgo Festival Trip Report
Brazos River

by Christy Long
Pictures Courtesy of Harmon Everett
April 16 & 17, 2011
50-80 deg F
7 to 9 feet
08108700 near Bryan USGA Gage
08111500 near Hempstead USGA Gage

Warm days, cool night, slightly windy, it was good weekend to camp. I arrived around 4:30 pm Saturday. Not too many people were there and I got a good spot in the front of the campground. Several boaters paddled the 28-mile run and came in around 6:00. Long day for them. A Girl Scout troop enjoyed the rapid, river, and campground. Several of the parents donated to TRPA because they liked Hidalgo so much.

 Learning about safety
   Girl Scouts

Around 10:20 pm a group of us paddled from the falls to Highway 105. The moon was full and about two hands high in the sky above the trees. Seven boats launched and I am happy to say seven boats arrived at the take out.

The river was a little low but still fun. The full moon gave enough light to see the rapids but I could not read the water until I was almost in the rapid.

The take out at 105 was dry which made it easy to bring the boats from the river to the top of 30-foot banks.

 Girl scouts watering trees
Sunday, I got out of my car around 8:30 and it looked like the other campers were doing the same, after breakfast, coffee and socializing, several campers helped the Girl Scout troop water trees.

Around 11:00 several of us paddled the rapid for about three hours.

Preparing for the days
  Jim catching a wave   Christy coming down
the rapid

I arrived at home around 5. Great weather for camping, paddling, and hanging with friends.