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Photo Management
John Rich
There often seems to be some confusion about photos on our new club web site.  This confusion usually comes in two forms; where to find them, and how to add them.  I hope to clear up all the confusion with this article, and to make you comfortable with navigating the photo options on this web site, so that you can find what you're looking for, and make your own contributions to the photo albums.

There are two "Photo" items in the index column on the left side of every screen: "Photos", and Member's Photo Links" (see the image to the right).   Let's talk about each of these, and the differences between them.


1) The "Photos" button takes you to a screen where you can view photo albums loaded by members to this web site (see the 1st image, below).  It's sort of wild and woolly, because the member's themselves, each on their own, compose the album titles to their liking, and there is nothing to require that the names be in any particular format or order. 

It's also difficult to intuitively figure out how to add your own photos to this page.  My instinct is to go to the "Photos" page and look for something there to allow me to add to it - but there isn't anything.  The secret is to click the "Profile" button in the top left corner (see the 2nd image, below), and then on your personal profile page that appears, you'll see a "Photos" item which you can click to add your own photos (see the 3rd image, below).  From there you'll see an "Add Photo Page" button, and you're on your way!  If you forget all this, I've added a dummy entry to the bottom of that "Photos" page which explains this, hoping that members looking to add their own photos will see that tip, to guide them in the proper direction.

The "Photos" link    The "Profile" button    The Profile
Photo Pages link


2) The "Member's Photo Links" index item gives you a screen containing web links to other photo album sites, where members have posted photos.  There are many photo host sites on the internet, such as Picasa, Shutterfly and Photobucket, to name just a few. These are external to the HCC web site, but paddling photos there are still of interest to HCC members.  These photo album links are created by whichever web site administrator receives the request for a link from a member. 

You can send your photo album links to HCC web master Harmon Everett at, or to John Rich at They will update the Photo Links page to include your entry.

I have personally taken the time to sort these web links in alphabetical order by the name of the body of water, so that it's easy to locate something you're looking for.  And I have made the titles uniform, by creating them in the format: Body of water, Date & Author. 


I hope that this clears up any confusion you may have had about managing your photos on the HCC web site, and makes you knowledgeable enough to both peruse the available albums, and to make your own photo contributions.

 The author, John Rich