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100-Mile Paddler Awards
John Rich

One of Fleet Captain Ken McDowell's duties this year was to keep track of all the club paddlers and their participation in club-sponsored paddling trips.  Ken dutifully records the names and miles submitted by trip leaders for each and every paddling trip throughout the year.  Paul Woodcock continued these duties later in the year, when that role was passed on to him.  (These statistics do not include any miles paddled on non-HCC sponsored trips.

 100-Mile T-Shirt
At the April general membership meeting the tally of last year's paddling mileage was announced by Paul Woodcock, and 100-mile recipients received as an award an HCC-blue shirt with the club patch on the breast.  If you missed the awards presentation at the monthly meeting, get in contact with Paul Woodcock at to figure out how to claim your new T-shirt.  Wear it with pride!

Here is the full list of the 2010 100-mile paddlers:

Rank  Name 
   1 Joe Coker
   2 Sophie Lopez
   3 Charles Zipprian
   4 Ken McDowell
Harmon Everett
Phillip Matticks
Tisha Matticks
   8 Christy Long
   9 Mike Pollard
  10 Bill Grimes
  11 Dave Kitson
  12 Ken Anderson
  13 Chance Zipprian
  14 Mathew Zipprian

Christy Long was the most active trip leader, having led five paddling trips during the year.

Congratulations to all of these members for their awards!