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Last Meeting Minutes

Date: March 9th, 2011
John Ohrt
Bayland Park Community Center

As Commodore Ken McDowell was out of town, Vice-Commodore Joe Coker called the meeting to order.

Officers were introduced. Linda Gorski has had to resign as newsletter editor and John Rich has agreed to accept the position. Everyone is very grateful to Linda for her hard work, and to John for agreeing to take over.

Joe Coker gave the Safety Minute on the instability of high angle kayak paddling.

Paul gave the Fleet Captain’s report. Past trips included Champions Lake, the San Marcos cleanup featuring beer can island, Buffalo Bayou from Woodway to Allens Landing, Greens Bayou and the Anahuac Wildlife area. Upcoming trips included the Buffalo Bayou Regatta, the Armand Bayou and Buffalo Bayou cleanups as part of the Trash Bash, and the Red River Divisional meeting of the ACA in Austin (check the web site for more current listings).

John Ohrt gave the minutes of the January meeting which were accepted as read.

Because of the ice storm there was no February meeting.

Harmon gave a financial report.

Honey gave a membership report and welcomed new members and guests.

John Bartos gave a conservation report on the Devils River and the city of Houston considering leaving water in local bayous.

The program was given by HCC club member Kevin Carpenter, aided by his co-trippers, on their November/December private permit raft trip down the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. The photos were spectacular. It really was a lifetime trip.

There were about 38 people attending the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

Please contact HCC's recorder, John Ohrt, if there are any omissions or corrections.