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Buffalo Bayou
Nov. 27, 2010
Charles Zipprian

On Saturday, Nov. 27, we paddled down Buffalo Bayou. The Bayou was flowing nicely, the sky was a brilliant blue, and temperature around 60 degrees.  We launched at Briar Bend Park and traveled to Allen Landing Downtown - 15 miles. Taking our time we paddled enjoying the weather and the sights.

The Great Blue Heron kept us company for several miles of the trip. It would fly away as we approached and then perch on a branch soaking up the sun and wait for us to approach again.

Daniel enjoyed the
paddling so much more
than studying for the
upcoming college finals.
   A train passed over
   just as we crossed
   under the bridge.
 Matthew wondered…
 “If I just hold the paddle
 like this, I’ll eventually
 get downstream.”

   Is this what they
   mean when they say
   “Clear Skies?”
   Can you believe it,
   in the middle of
   Houston, TX?
 I thought the Emerald
 Palace was green?

The author,
Charles Zipprian