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Jax Restaurant
by John Rich
One of the unofficial Houston Canoe Club traditions that has developed over the years, is to gather together after the monthly general membership meeting has concluded, to enjoy more conversation and a good meal together at Jax Restaurant.

Since the meeting starts at 7:00 pm, many attendees drive to the meeting straight from work, skipping their usual dinner-time meal.  And by the time the meeting ends at 9:00, everyone is famished.  So a short drive to the restaurant is in order to quench the hunger, and catch up on all the casual talk with friends that you can't accomplish during the formal meeting.

Some people may be discouraged from attending these dinners by not knowing for sure where this restaurant is located.  So this news article is designed to eliminate that information gap.

The address is 6510 South Rice, in Bellaire.  A map is included to the right (click to enlarge).  Here are the simple driving directions from the meeting location at Bayland Community Center:

• Exiting the Community Center, turn left on Bissonnet, traveling east.
• Drive 1¾ miles to South Rice.
• Turn left (north) on South Rice.
• Jax Restaurant is the second business on the left side of the road after you
• There is no cut-over across the median, so you can drive further north, U-turn,
   and come back.  Alternatively, many people just cut through the parking lot of
   the convenience store on the corner of Bissonnet and South Rice.

Jax Grill has a varied menu, with burgers, chicken, fish, Mexican food, salads, vegetarian meals, beer and more.  A good meal and drink can be had for $8 and up.  Good conversation with friends: priceless.

Come and join us!  We need the help pushing tables together for our group size!