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Last Meeting Minutes

Date: November 10, 2010
John Ohrt
Minutes: Commodore Ken McDowell called the meeting to order.

Officers were introduced, and new members and visitors were introduced and welcomed.

The Safety Minute was given by Joe Coker on wind and waves.

The program speakers were club members Linda Gorski and Louis Aulbach. They gave a program on Camp Logan on Buffalo Bayou. This was a very large World War I era military camp about where Memorial Park is now. It even crossed Buffalo Bayou with a bridge and took up some of present day River Oaks. Some of the old building foundations and left behind trash can still be seen if you know where to look. It was a fascinating look back at a part of Houston history that is not well known today.

Ken McDowell gave the Fleet Captain’s report. Past trips included an Upper Neches exploratory trip, a three day campout on the middle Neches, and the annual Goliad trip. Upcoming trips include the Festival of Lights in Dickinson paddle on December 4th (contact Paul Woodcock) and the December 11th Christmas party at the Upper Kirby Management District on Richmond Avenue at Eastside (see web page for details and what you can do to help).

There will be no December general meeting at Bayland - the Christmas party will be the meeting instead.

See the trip schedule on the website for details of other upcoming trips and events.

Business Meeting:

John Ohrt reviewed the minutes of the last general meeting which were approved as published in the newsletter.

Harmon Everett gave a financial report. Harmon reviewed the proposed 2011 budget. A motion was made to accept the budget as presented. It was seconded. A vote was held. All votes were in favor and none were opposed. The motion passed.

Paul Woodcock gave a membership report.

Linda Gorski gave a newsletter report.

John Bartos gave a Conservation Committee report. The TPWD has put the Devils River land swap on hold.

Election of Officers for 2011: Ken turned the meeting over to John Bartos who presented the slate of nominees for 2011. Nominations were requested from the floor. There were none. A motion was made to accept the slate of officers by acclamation. It was seconded. All votes were in favor. The motion passed. The officers for 2011 are:
Commodore:   Ken McDowell
Vice-Commodore: Joe Coker
Fleet Captain: Paul Woodcock
Boatswain:  Honey Leveen
Purser:  Harmon Everett
Recorder:  John Ohrt
Newsletter:  Linda Gorski
There were about 50 people attending the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned to Jax restaurant for dinner.

Please contact HCC's recorder, John Ohrt, if there are any omissions or corrections.