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Fleet Captain's Mileage Log
October, 2010
Ken McDowell

Hi folks,

As promised, the attached spread sheet shows the Fleet Captain's mileage log for 2010 through mid October. Over 80 members have paddled with us so far this year! 11 of you have already achieved the coveted 100 miles and 7 more have over 80 miles... well within shot.  

Mileage Log 2010  (Excel spreadsheet, sorted alphabetically by member name)

Not sure what the award will be, but I promise it will be meaningful. Keep paddling! And trip leaders - keep sending in those trip reports... I know there are still a few out there. 

Ken McDowell
Acting Fleet Captain
Houston Canoe Club

Note from the co-editor, John Rich:

This mileage represents only miles paddled on HCC-sponsored trips, and does not include miles from other trips paddled independently.

If you're not familiar with Excel spreadsheets, here are two tips to help you view the report:

1) If the text is too small, you can magnify the size of the page with the tool-bar box that looks like this:   Just click the arrow and select a larger percentage from the drop-down menu.

2) To view the mileage rankings to-date, click the first entry of column C, called "Individual miles", then click  the tool-bar icon  to sort in descending order on that selected column.  This will sort the list in descending order by miles, from most to least.