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Buffalo Bayou
August 29, 2010
by John
On August 29, 25 canoeists and kayaks in 19 boats explored the lower Buffalo. Starting from the Sabine Street put-in we went down to the Turning Basin. Along the way we went to Allen's Landing and then up White Oak a ways to show folks what "an improved bayou" for flood control looks like.  The Buffalo Bayou Partnership even has plans for a new canal behind the county jail. We then went to the East End past the canoe launch at Jensen Drive that only a non canoeist could love.

We went down to just before Maroon Park on York and had a nice lunch in the shade. There is actually a good place to put in just west of Maroon if you are willing to rough it a little. We then traveled a little farther to Japhets Creek which is just past the York bridge on the north shore. On the south shore we saw where the Buffalo Bayou Partnership tourboat that was torched used to reside.

We got to see a special treat. The big barge was out dredging the bayou. If anyone goes on the bayou and wonders what the hundreds of feet of floating pipe are for, they carry sandy water. We never did find out where it went though.

We got out at Wayside and after giving everyone I ride in the bed of my truck they were dropped off at their cars in Hidalgo Park. Everyone seemed to enjoy the trip and no one got wet except for yours truly who helped all the boats into the water at Sabine

        - JohnB

Photos:  (Click to enlarge)

 Sabine St. Put-In


 Houston Skyline
 John Bartos
 The Dredge Barge
 Railroad Bridge