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HCC Officers for 2010
by Donna Grimes

As most of you know, the Houston Canoe Club officers for 2010 look a lot like the Houston Canoe Club officers did in 2009. That's because we all ran for reelection and were elected by affirmation. We are looking forward to serving you in the New Year.

The titles we use for our Houston Canoe Club officers can sometimes cause confusion until you come to a meeting and figure out what we all do. Here's a simple explanation of the role each of our officers fills in the club.

Bill Grimes - Commodore - he is like the president. He runs the meetings, (general and officers), decides on many of the directions the club will go under his leadership, and makes many of the final decisions.

Ken McDowell - Vice Commodore - like vice president. His main duty is to find our monthly speakers and coordinate our mini-safety talk each month. Of course, he also fills in for the Commodore when he is gone.

Donna Grimes - Fleet Captain - is the trip coordinator. She solicits trips and keeps them posted on the web and discusses trips at the meetings. She keep track of trip mileage for the year and buys awards and prizes for the top paddlers. (We give prizes to those who paddle 100 miles with our club.)

Harmon Everett - Purser - our treasurer. He collects dues, keeps our budget, and manages our funds. His job also includes updating the roster with the new members, etc. But because Harmon has recently taken on the additional mammoth task of managing the website, he has turned this task over to Paul Woodcock.

Paul Woodcock - Boatswain - his job is PR for the club. He sets up the welcome table, greets new people, sends out new member packets, and keeps new members informed.

John Ohrt - Recorder – he is like the secretary for the group. He takes the minutes at meetings, picks up the mail, and distributes it and reports previous meeting minutes at each general meeting.

Linda Gorski - Newsletter Editor. Along with co-editors John Rich and Louis Aulbach, Linda publishes the club’s monthly newsletter "The Waterline". She’s always looking for trip reports and other news of interest to our members. Send items to her at or John Rich at

Here's a photo of your board. Please introduce yourself to us at the next meeting which will be on Wednesday, January 13 at 7:00 p.m. at the Bayland Community Center.

Houston Canoe Club 2010 officers include, back row left to right; Bill Grimes, Commodore; John Ohrt, Recorder; Paul Woodcock, Boatswain; Harmon Everett, Purser and Webmaster; Ken McDowell, Vice Commodore. Front row from left; Linda Gorski, Newsletter Editor; Donna Grimes, Fleet Captain.

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