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  The Houston Canoe Club
Share our Joy of Paddling!

P.O. Box 925516
Houston, Texas

The Houston Canoe Club 

is a Paddle America Club

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Did you Know...
by Bob Arthur

Did you know...

That the Houston Canoe Club has met in a number of different locations over the years.. Bob Arthur recalls that in the 1960's (before he was a member) the group met at a fire department building somewhere near Park Place and the Gulf Freeway. Since he's been a member, HCC has met at Fonde Recreation Center, Sears on Main Street, The Red Cross Scout house, and then at one of the large rooms in the new Red Cross building on 59 near Kirby, before moving to our new meeting location at Bayland Community Center on Bissonet. If you have any locations to add to this list send me a note at Bob thinks it's time to document the club's history and for some reason he's given me the task.
Bob Arthur

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