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New Years Message from the Editor(s)
by Linda Gorski

Your newsletter team, John Rich, Louis Aulbach and I, have a year of newsletters under our belts. After some initial heebie jeebies with the format and a LOT of help from our webmasters Fraser Baker and Harmon Everett, we think we've got the kinks worked out and we are ready to expand and improve the newsletter for 2010. You'll note that we've already added a couple of new columns to start off the New Year.

First, we'll do a monthly "Book Review" column -- with your help. If you've read a good book, send us a review. I started off this month with a review of Keith Bowden's "The Tecate Journals - 70 Days on the Rio Grande". I know many of you will be heading out to the Big Bend this spring to run the river and this is a must-read before you go.

We've also started a column called "River Recipes". Check out this month's menu - Trans Pecos Chicken by Louis Aulbach - and you'll be drooling. This is another column that YOU will write. Please share some of your river recipes and photos if you have them. I know this will become one of our most popular columns yet.

Then there's the "Did you Know"... column which I hope will include bits of information you want to pass along to other HCC members. For instance, we have so many new members who know nothing about the history of the club. This month Bob Arthur is responsible for compiling a list of places the HCC has met over the years. Evidently inquiring minds were discussing this at the Christmas party and Bob took a trip down memory lane. You might even remember a place or two that Bob has forgotten. So send us your fond memories of the Houston Canoe Club, Rendezvous, trips, etc. We want to hear from you.

We appreciate the positive feedback we've received about the newsletter and with your help hope to make it even better. Send those reviews, recipes and recollections... and don't forget the trip reports!

Linda Gorski with Louis Aulbach
Linda Gorski with John Rich

~~~ The End ~~~