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Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
February 12, 2020
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
Meeting Entrance   Alice's welcome
  Ann sets-up
the computer

  Natalie Wiest
  Commodore Natalie Wiest called the meeting to order, then introduced the officers present. They were: Ms. Wiest, Vice Commodore Christy Long, Purser Kent Walters, Fleet Captain Bruce Bodson, Boatswain Alice Nissen, Newsletter Editor John Rich, and Recorder Frank Ohrt. Also present were Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Derby and Webmaster Harmon Everett. Ms.Wiest noted the well-attended pre-meeting dinner at Charlie’s Barbecue.

  She then asked for a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting as written. It was moved, seconded, and approved. 

  Mr. Ohrt announced that he had a box of t-shirts from Rolf Laub, left over from various HCC functions, free to all who wanted any. 

Bruce Bodson  
  Mr. Bodson gave the Safety Minute, warning of the dangers of mis-judging the time required to complete a paddle trip and getting caught on the river after dark. He should know. He also recommended a “caught on the river overnight” emergency kit, with food, water, a space blanket, etc.  

  He then gave the fleet report. Recent club trips (and leaders) were:

  - Jan. 25:   Colorado River, Texas Winter 100k race (Bruce Bodson);
  - Feb. 1:  Brazos River, “Miles and Mussels” #19 (Bruce Bodson);
  - Feb. 1-2:
 San Marcos River, paddle and Overnight camp (Christy Long);
  - Feb. 9:
 Brazos River, “Miles and Mussels” #20 (Bruce Bodson).

The total for the year was 5 trips and 108 total miles paddled. Upcoming trips announced were:

  - Feb. 29:  San Marcos River clean-up (Frank Ohrt);
  - March 7:  Buffalo Bayou Regatta (Kent Walters) - safety and sweep boats needed;
  - March 14-22:  Pecos River (Christy Long) - full!
  - April 14-19:
 Buffalo River, AK (Kent Walters) - full!
  - May 9:
 Champions Lake “Duck Hunt” (Kent Walters)

  Alice Nissen
  Ms. Nissen gave the Boatswain’s report. We have 129 members, with five new members in December and January. There were two visitors. 

  Ms. Nissen gave the Boatswain’s Report. We have 129 members, with four new members in December and January: Dean Willberg, Matthew Taylor, Jo Ann Williams, Tami Grubb, and renewing member Patti Carothers. There were three visitors, Bill Siersdorfer, Phil Davis, and Helena Finley. Ms. Nissen also mentioned the “Paddle for Health” festival, at Marshall Lake in the Kickerillo-Mischer Preserve, on May 16, 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and that HCC would have a pop-up tent there. Let’s go get some new members!

Kent Walters  
  Mr. Walters gave the Purser’s report. We are down a bit, because of expected expenses, but we’re fine, as always. (Is this because Mr. Walters is such a good Purser, or because we really don’t need one?) 

  Ms. Wiest reminded the members that the March meeting would be at the Red Cross building, on the Southwest Freeway. She then presented the 100-Miler awards for 2019. Awardees were: Ms. Wiest, Fran Wilcox, Amy McGee, Mary Rogers, Ken McCormick, Kent Walters, Brent Hwang, Bruce Bodson, and David Portz. She also presented awards to trip coordinators: Bruce Bodson, Kent Walters, Christy Long, Fran Wilcox, David Portz, and Frank Ohrt. Click here for a complete report on the 2019 paddler awards. 

Paddler awards   Awardees   Bruce & Kent with prizes

  Ms. Long introduced the evening’s speaker, West Hansen, who gave a presentation on his river expedition on the entire length of the Amazon. It was an interesting talk, and there were lot of questions.

West   West   West   Swiss Army knife
Journal   Brazilian Navy Map   Book sales   Posters

  Ms. Wiest adjourned the meeting.

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
February 5, 2020
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
  Commodore Natalie Wiest called the meeting to order. Officers present were Ms. Wiest, Vice Commodore Christy Long, Boatswain Alice Nissen, Newsletter Editor John Rich, Recorder Frank Ohrt, and Purser Kent Walters (by telephone). 

  Ms. Wiest asked Mr. Ohrt if we had any mail. He said there wasn’t any point in bringing it, if Mr. Walters wasn’t coming, and that he’d bring it to the general meeting next week. 

  It was agreed to purchase “Microsoft Office” for the club computer for $99/year. There was discussion of why we needed it and whether to try to get cheaper software. Ms. Long said she and Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Derby would take care of getting and installing it. Mr. Rich said that it was possible to turn off the “automatic update” function that has been bedeviling us. It was agreed that the club projector was fine for now.

  Ms. Wiest said that Harmon Everett had set us up for our internet domain name for the following two years.

  Ms. Wiest asked about the request from the state to fill out a survey on possible funding sources for parks and wildlife conservation. It was agreed that Mr. Bodson would do it. 

  Ms. Long said she would find a Mexican restaurant for next month’s pre-meeting dinner. Ms Wiest asked for Safety Minutes for the coming meeting. Mr. Bodson offered to speak on not getting caught on a river after dark. Mr. Ohrt suggested a short demonstration on proper adjustment of PFD’s. 

  Ms. Wiest noted that Club Express was moving its Webinars to “version 9.2". It was decided that we really didn’t need to do anything about it. She then asked if we would be wiling to use “Zoom” software for virtual board meetings. The only strong opinions expressed were that virtual meetings were awful. 

  Ms. Wiest announced that she would present the 100-Miler awards at the coming meeting.There was much talk about updating/upgrading the website - how much it might cost, who would do it, etc. All present were asked to look around and see if anyone could find a person to do it for a reasonable cost. 

  Mr. Bodson reminded everyone that all members need to sign new waivers for 2020. Ms. Long promised to send Mr. Rich a short biography of the speaker for the next meeting. 

  We ran out of things to discuss, and adjourned. A good, tight meeting. Good work, Natalie!

Board Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt