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Canoes in the News
February 2020
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Greece: fines for sea rescues if bad weather warning ignored"
"Greek authorities are putting into effect a law under which people using recreational watercraft at sea who disregard severe weather warnings and then trigger search and rescue operations will be liable for incurred costs and a fine..."
Complete story: 

"California vineyard spills nearly 100K gallons of red wine"
"More than 97,000 gallons of red wine spilled from a tank at a vineyard in Sonoma County and eventually leaked into the Russian River, an accident officials said could hurt water quality in the 110-mile tributary flowing into the Pacific Ocean..."
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"How Two Brothers Paddled From Alaska To Mexico By Hand" 
"In 2016, twins Ryan and Casey Higginbotham hand paddled their boards 2,200 miles from Ketchikan, Alaska to the U.S.-Mexican border over 208 days. It was their first expedition, and they did it unassisted and with little sponsorship..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Nouria Newman’s Solo Expedition In India"
"In 2018, kayaking world champion Nouria Newman set out on a solo kayak expedition in the Ladakh region of India. On this trip, she paddled the Indus River, one of the mightiest rivers in Asia, which travels through one of the most scarcely populated regions..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Glacier Kayaking by Helicopter" (Canada)
"So you think camping out of a kayak is cool? You should try camping and kayaking out of a helicopter! From chillin on a beach to searching for dramatic waterfalls to kayaking emerging glacial lakes this seems like a pretty amazing adventure!..."
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"A 17-Year Olds’ First Solo Trip Terror" (Canada)
"As an earnestly outdoorsy teenager, my dream was to do a solo canoe trip. When I finally went, I realized I’d had no idea what it would be like. I hadn’t yet learned that’s how dreams are..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Paddling A World-First Descent Of South America's Third Longest River"
"I’ve got a really good idea for a jungle expedition. Do you want to hear it?” “I’m thinking of doing a world-first descent,” she tells me. “It’s the third largest river in South America. We can eat what we find in the forest and fish from the river every day. There are jaguars, piranha and little caiman. It will be like Pocahontas, just in real life..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Family sues school over child’s death while kayaking" (Hawaii)
"The family of a 5-year-old boy who died on a kayaking excursion filed a lawsuit against the school that conducted the trip. The family of Alaric Chiu filed the lawsuit against Mid-Pacific Institute citing reckless behavior and gross negligence leading to the boy’s death..."
Complete story: West Hawaii Today 

"Deputies save infant strapped into car seat in overturned canoe" (Florida)
"Two deputies rescued a 4-month-old from drowning in an overturned canoe on the Weeki Wachee River. Deputies Snell and Burkhart were on their lunch break when they heard and saw a woman in the water screaming, 'My baby!'..."
Complete story: 

"Former Boat Builder Creates Stunning Wooden Bathtubs"
"Nathie Katzoff is a former boat builder, but he has now devoted his life to making some of the most beautiful, practical and incredible bathtubs you’ll ever find. His creative inventions are made of wood and are eco-friendly. The tubsare  handcrafted from sustainable and exotic hardwoods. They’re then sealed with a specialized finish that makes them smooth, shiny, and waterproof..."
Complete story: