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Canoes in the News
August 2019
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Infant drowns after falling into river from mother’s lap" (Ohio)
"The woman told the dispatcher that she and others were canoeing on the river when they encountered an area of fallen trees and other debris. The child then fell from the mother’s lap and disappeared under rushing water..."
Complete story: ( 

"Girl Scouts rescued after lightning strike" (Minnesota)
"A group of Girl Scouts were rescued by boat after lightning struck their campsite near the Minnesota-Canada border.The group of nine, which included the Girl Scouts and their guide, were camping at the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness when lightning struck. They believed that lightning 'struck the ground and they might have experienced ground current'..."
Complete story: CBS News 

"Man convicted of impaired operation of a canoe" (Ontario, Canada)
"On Thursday, in a courtroom in Oshawa, Ont., Sillars became the first Canadian to be convicted of impaired driving charges for the act of paddling a canoe. The case is so novel that it required a special ruling last fall on whether the Criminal Code’s vague language around “vessels” means a canoe counts under impaired driving laws..."
Complete story: National Post 

"How Log Drivers Contributed To River Running" (Canada)
"These rivers were the historical thoroughfares across the land. From the earliest Indigenous travelers to European explorers, then fur traders and finally loggers, rivers were industrial highways. Goods were paddled in and fur and logs floated out... On their way upstream in the fall—the log drivers would spend the winter in bush camps cutting trees—the log drivers would ‘clean’ the river. Which means, they removed the inhibiting rocks. By hand..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Will Standup Paddleboarding Ever Be Included In The Olymipics?"
"tandup paddleboard racing has just missed its chance to be included in the Olympics for the Paris 2024 games. The list of proposed new sports released at the end of February again includes wave surfing, which appears at the Games for the first time in Tokyo 2020, but excludes SUP..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Paddling in canoe, students learn Native American history" (Portland, OR)
"The 36-foot tribal canoe listed to the left as it pushed away from the dock, looking dangerously close to spilling into the still green waters of Lake River. Its crew - eight college students, one professor and four members of the Chinook Indian Nation... The class is a first-time collaboration with the Chinook Nation and one of the few courses in the region that offers the chance to earn class credits outdoors. It aims to help students connect with local tribes..."
Complete story: 

"Canoe tracing path of Japanese ancestors from Taiwan arrives at Yonaguni Island" (Taiwan-Japan)
"A dugout canoe on Tuesday reached its destination of Okinawa in a project aiming to figure out how Japanese people's ancestors came from Taiwan to Japan about 30,000 years ago.The five team members, comprising four men and one woman, rowed without stopping for about 45 hours to cover more than 200 kilometers..."
Complete story: 

"30 rescued from American River over weekend" (California)
"It's been a busy weekend on the American River, where hundreds of rafts were floating on the water Sunday. More than two dozen people had to be rescued by fire crews this weekend. "Yesterday, Sac Metro engaged in six water rescue incidents..."
Complete story:  

"Texas Game Warden notes" (Montgomery County)
"While patrolling Lake Conroe, Montgomery County game wardens checked a fisherman on a kayak. As he pulled his wallet out, to show his fishing license, a small baggie containing a crystal substance was seen falling from his pocket. The kayaker attempted to flood his kayak to destroy the evidence..."
Complete story: (see image 11) 

"Thanks to Good Samaritans" (Connecticut)
"I had been kayaking prior to the second, and more powerful, storm of that afternoon. When I saw the dark clouds approaching, I paddled up to the boat access area, pulled my kayak to what I thought was a safe enough distance from the shore, and ran for shelter to the sail house, from which spot I could not see my kayak. After the storm, I discovered that the fierce winds had blown my kayak back into the water, and it had floated too far out for me to swim to and retrieve..."
Complete story: