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Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
July 10, 2019
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
  Commodore Bob Naeger called the meeting to order. Officers present were Mr. Naeger, Fleet Captain Natalie Wiest, Newsletter editor John Rich, Purser Kent Walters, Boatswain Paul Woodcock, and Recorder Frank Ohrt. Also present were Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Derby and Webmaster Harmon Everett. The minutes for the previous month’s board meeting were approved. 

Bob Naeger   Ann Derby &
William Hajdik

  Mr. Woodcock gave the Safety Minute on the use of throw ropes. 

Paul Paul &
Frank Ohrt

Ms. Wiest gave the Fleet Captain’s report. Recent trips and leaders included:

May 25: Lake Charlotte: Tom Douglas;
June 16: Colorado River, Bruce Bodson;
June 16: White’s and Turtle Bayous, Natalie Wiest;
June 22: Colorado River, Bruce Bodson;
June 30: Peach Creek (San Jacinto Wilderness), Bruce Bodson;
July 4: Cotton Lake and Bayou: David Portz;
July 7: Lake Woodlands, Kent Walters.

  Upcoming trips announced or proposed were:

August 3: Neches River Race, Bruce Bodson;
August 17: Kanoe Klassica, (Colorado River);
September 22: Green’s Bayou Regatta, David Portz.

  Mr. Woodcock gave the Boatswain’s report. New members were Gail Bergan, Micheal Grove, Lee Stekla, and Allen Wood. Visitors were Will and Guy Mowell-Strinsch and Rachel Greene. 

  Mr. Walters gave the Purser’s report. We were charged $15.00, twice, by Club Express for a member renewal snafu. Everyone pay attention when joining and/or renewing! Your payments will be listed as going to “Club Express”. If you weren’t paying attention when you paid, and dispute the charges, the club has to pay for it! Otherwise, we’re fine.

   Tom Douglas introduced the speaker, William Hajdik, of the Sugar Land Parks and Recreation Department, who spoke about Sugar Land’s parks and plans for their future expansion, paddle trails, and launch spots. 

Tom Douglas William Hajdik   Brazos greenbelt

  Mr. Naeger adjourned the meeting. 

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
July 3, 2019
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
Due to the close proximity to the July 4th holiday and board member's vacation plans, the board meeting was cancelled for the month. There were no pressing issues to be addressed. 

Board Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt