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Education Corner
June 2019

"5 Most Common Whitewater Kayaking Mistakes"
"Learn the top five whitewater kayaking mistakes, ranging from the "butt wobbles" to paddle angle and stroke length..."
Complete story: 
"4 Pro Tips For Painless Canoe Portaging"
"Even the lightest boats are heavy when carried far enough, and I’m guaranteed to be swarmed by bugs the second the canoe is on my shoulders. With sweat dripping down into my eyes and a blackfly at my ear, I’ve certainly found myself thinking, 'There’s got to be a better way'..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"5 Underrated Kayak Safety Skills"
"SAFETY FIRST—it’s the golden rule of kayaking. There are hundreds of articles written about the importance of risk management on the river and safety basics are well known and respected by most kayakers. Here are 5 undervalued skills to subtlety take your safety skills to the next level and inspire confidence. Make yourself so invaluable, everyone will want to paddle with you..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Proper Positioning in Your Kayak"
"To get the best performance from the boat, we need certain things to be in place, and these foundations are very important. So that the first one is our posture, we need to be upright, not leaning forwards and not slouching..."
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"How to Self Rescue If You Capsize"
"Although paddling alone is never a great idea, if you do choose to do it you need to stay close enough to shore so you can comfortably swim. Or you need to have some self-rescue techniques up your sleeve that you know you can count on..."
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"How Paddling Provides Stress Relief"
"A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency claims the average American spends 93 percent of his or her life inside—87 percent indoors and six percent in automobiles. That results in the measly equivalent of just half a day outside a week..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Secrets To Staying Off The Paddlers Black List"
"There is a short list of paddlers with whom I will never run another river. Nice enough individuals, I just don’t want to be anywhere near them on the water... In the academic community, there is consensus a person’s trustworthiness is based upon one’s competency, predictability and intentions..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Should You Lend Out Your Paddling Gear?"
"Last year an acquaintance of an acquaintance emailed me to ask if he could borrow our three-seater family canoe. I’m ashamed to admit I balked. I’ve had too many uncomfortable experiences sharing and borrowing stuff. I’m pretty lackadaisical with looking after my own equipment—it’s made to be used, right?..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Dreams vs. Reality Of A Solo Canoe Trip"
"As an earnestly outdoorsy teenager, my dream was to do a solo canoe trip. When I finally went, I realized I’d had no idea what it would be like. I hadn’t yet learned that’s how dreams are... At the put-in, my fantasies were assaulted by a cloud of blackflies...."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine
"Why You Should Always Have A Kayak Repair Kit"
"I found myself floating on a piece of sea ice with a group of guests a kilometer from shore. We were all standing on the floe because just minutes before a wide lede we’d been paddling along had narrowed due to shifting ice, catching and crushing one of our tandem sea kayaks with its paddlers inside..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine