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Canoes in the News
June 2019
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"How Log Drivers Contributed To River Running" (Canada)
"Portaging four loaded oar rigs, coolers, boxes and piles of drybags with winter gear. But it is hands-down the easiest portage in all of expedition rafting. Thank you, anonymous river men from a 180 years ago. For those unfamiliar with eastern Canadian rivers, here’s a history lesson..."
Complete story:Paddling Magazine 

"What Instagram Doesn’t Say About Canoe Tripping" (location)
"Imagine this scene. It’s sunset. A striped blanket is spread out near the fire. A matching hand-painted wood-canvas canoe sits on shore center-left, with a mossy green canvas pack resting against its bow. A fire crackles, curls of smoke rising, and a bottle of Irish whisky rests next to an enamel mug stamped with a John Muir quote. Sounds perfect, right? Yeah, too perfect..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Paddling Experts On The Future Of Kayakin"
"What Are The Biggest Kayaking Trends In The Market?
What Do Kayakers Want?
What’s The Biggest Challenge Kayak Retailers Face?
Who Can Improve Kayaking Safety?
What’s The Next Big Innovation?"
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"River Rescue leads to unexpected arrest" (Liberty, Texas)
"A flooded Trinity River rescue led to the arrest of one of the volunteers assisting in the rescue. Elizardo Valdez, 48, was checking his hog traps along the flooded Trinity River when his boat overturned in the swift flooded river. Valdez was rescued from the treacherous river that afternoon..."
Complete story: Chronicle 

"Man embarking on an sea journey on kayak" (Alaska)
"Paddling amid the gentle swells, native Aleuts hunted from long, bone- and driftwood-constructed kayaks. The boats cut through the water like a sleek barracuda, sliding on the stretched seal skin covering of its structure. They called the craft a baidarka. It was so important, the Aleut considered the canoe to be a living thing..."
Complete story: Chronicle 

"Skeletal remains found in Boundary Waters" (Minnesota)
"The skeletal remains found last month in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness are human. he remains were found at a campsite belonging to a New Mexico man who planned to spend the winter in the woods. Jordan Grider of Moriarty, N.M., an experienced outdoorsman, gave his family the general location where he would be and sent photos from the campsite..."
Complete story: Star Tribune 

"'The River and The Wall' explores Rio Grande's border world" (Texas)
"A new documentary examining the diverse wildlife and landscape of the Rio Grande along the U.S.-Mexico border debuted this week at select theaters nationwide and on iTunes. "The River and The Wall" follows five people who take a 60-day journey along the Rio Grande from El Paso to Brownsville, Texas. They travel by foot, mountain bike, canoe and horseback..."
Complete story: Chronicle

"Texas A&M researchers conserve nearly thousand-year-old canoe" (Texas)
"Dr. Peter Fix, a watercraft conservator at Texas A&M's Conservation Research Laboratory is working to keep parts of American history alive. At the laboratory, wooden boats dating back to 500 A.D. are being conserved. "Historically and archaeologically, we find them very interesting and they are actually very good portals to the past that we can use in a program to discover and inspire," Fix said..."
Complete story: KBTX 

"Choosing a canoe is like choosing underwear" (Ohio)
"People often ask me how I pack for canoe camping trips. I answer that question the same way I do when someone asks, “Boxers or briefs?” Depends. When it comes to canoe trips, I pack according to circumstances and whatever mood I happen to be in. For some trips, it’s ultra light — solo canoe, freeze dried food, no cooler, no grill, lightweight backpacking chair; for others, it’s heavy metal — 17-foot Grumman tandem canoe, five-day cooler, tripod grill, big comfy folding chair. 
Circumstances dictate which approach I take; my mood dictates which circumstances I opt for..."
Complete story: Dispatch 

"Police believe man died after vessel hit his kayak" (Aransas Pass, TX)
"It appears he was involved in a crash with another vessel, one larger than his kayak," the release reads. "It is likely the boat that struck the victim’s kayak sustained damage, and the operator may have been unaware of the collision at the time it occurred..."
Complete story: Caller Times