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Education Corner
April 2019

"Types of Kayak Materials"
"Ranging from casual recreational crafts to sleek racers to bomb-proof whitewater and other rec’ boats, the options for the types of materials and hi-tech proprietary processes used to build a particular model are widespread among manufacturers. Learning the make-up and specifications of each of these boat material choices is akin to reading the opening chapter in a chemical engineering 101 text book..."
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"Five Common Mistakes When Buying SUP Gear"
"Earlier this year, I was shopping for home supplies when I came face-to-face with a paddleboard display outside of a big box store. They were selling a pack- age deal of foam board, plastic paddle and leash for $400. Good deal?..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"7 Tips For Great Whitewater Etiquette"
"Every sport has subtle rules of etiquette that participants expect of their teammates and partners. Some of these rules of thumb are obvious, and some will be seared into your brain from experience, like if you fail to signal to a downstream surf session and accidentally crash into an unsuspecting playboater..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Paddling A Kayak In A Straight Line"
"People generally think paddling a longer kayak will make them go straighter, but with proper technique you can paddle any sized kayak straight as an arrow. Watch this video for a list of helpful tips for how to paddle straight..."
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"How is an aluminum canoe made?"
"Have you ever wondered how an aluminum canoe is built? Check out this step-by-step breakdown from stretching the steel to testing the rivets under pressure..."
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"How To Ferry Your Kayak In Current"
"Ferrying is a way to cross a river with current. It is an important skill to learn because it gives you the ability to move from eddy to eddy without moving too far downstream. This makes moving downstream safely a lot easier..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 
"Canoe or kayak? The wrong strategy could sink you"
"For some people, there’s nothing like the thrill of taking on rapids on a kayak that skims the top of the water or powering a canoe through a river. Kayaks and canoes are less expensive to rent, own and maintain, and work in rivers large and small as well as lakes..."
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"How to progress from flat paddling to white water"
"If you're bored with kayaking on flat water, or just want a bit of the rough stuff, here's multiple slalom champion Jana Dukátová's guide on how to switch grades safely..."
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"Kayak Camping Tips"
"Kayak camping is not all that different than backpacking.Much of the same equipment you would use for backpacking also works for kayak camping - but with the added benefit that weight is not as much of an issue. This article is meant to provide some thoughts on how to use your kayak for camping..."
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