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Canoes in the News
April 2019
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Hundreds travel down the bayou for 47th annual Buffalo Bayou Regatta" (Houston)
"Buffalo Bayou’s brown water filled with splashes of color Saturday as hundreds of kayakers and canoers launched neon, tie-dye boats on a 15-mile journey through the heart of Houston. Many say they are regulars at the Buffalo Bayou Regatta, now in its 47th year, for the view as they journey down the bayou and through Eleanor Tinsley Park..."
Complete story:

"Fourth-graders learn kayaking" (Colorado)
"Fourth-graders at Longfellow Elementary School had the opportunity to try kayaking during their physical education class this week. Physical education teacher Josh Oberleas, an American Canoe Association certified kayak instructor, taught the fourth-grade classes basic paddling skills in the pool to introduce the sport to kids who might not have had the chance before..."
Complete story: Mountain Mail

"A Father-Daughter Adventure" (Canada)
"I don’t often get time alone with my daughter. Although it is a priority, it’s one that is often thwarted by the great whirlwind of work and responsibilities that blows through our lives... But today, we manage to grab our dog and steal away for a little father-daughter overnight adventure..."
Complete story:

"Jon Babulic’s Handcrafted Kayaks" (Canada)
"When his company restructured and offered him an out, the 43-year-old Guelph, Ontario resident decided it was time for a vacation. “I figured I’d take the summer off, then go back to work in the fall,” recalls Babulic. In just a few short months, he estimates he canoed, kayaked, sailed and fished some 2,500 kilometers. “I paddled like a lunatic,” he chuckles...."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"Catholic friar travels Louisiana bayou in canoe to promote Mass" 
"Only in southern Louisiana would you see a friar traveling down the bayou in a canoe. The Rev. Antonio Maria Speedy put on a life jacket, hopped into a pirogue — the regional version of a canoe — and cruised across the bayou under a sign that read, “Dulac, come back to Mass!” He rang a bell as he passed by the fishing boats...."
Complete story: Coumbus Dispatch 

"On board the canoe that proved ancient Polynesians could cross the Pacific" (Hawaii)
"In the 1970s the Polynesian Voyaging Society built and launched a Polynesian voyaging canoe with the intention of sailing it from Hawai‘i to Tahiti using only traditional techniques. The goal of the project was to show that ancient Polynesian voyagers had been able to navigate distances of more than 2,500 miles using nothing more than their knowledge of the wind, sea, and stars..."
Complete story:Popular Science 

"Man found dead after canoe capsized" (Texas)
"Searchers Tuesday found the body of a man who disappeared after his canoe capsized Monday afternoon on Lake Whitney while he and a friend were fishing. “Both subjects struggled in the water and only one of them was able to make it back to shore,” the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office said..."
Complete story: 

"Canoe conman John Darwin, 68, who faked his own death at sea returns to the water with his new wife" (Phillipines)
"A fraudster who faked his own death in a staged North Sea canoe accident has been pictured returning to the water. John Darwin, 68, donned a life jacket as he went for a dip with his 45-year-old wife Mercy May in the Philippines..."
Complete story: Daily Mail 

"Odyssey Innovation Makes Kayaks Out Of Sea Plastic" (England)
"Thompson runs a startup that collects discarded plastic from the ocean, along with used fishing nets from commercial anglers. The plastic and nets are used to make kayaks, and the kayaks are used to help harvest more ocean plastic..."
Complete story: 

"Woman in kayak rescues dog from icy waters" (Wisconsin)
"police and fire officials saved a dog that fell into icy waters on Pirate Island Road. They found a woman in a kayak on the Yahara River, trying to save a stranger's dog. Crews were able to throw out a rope and pull them both in..."
Complete story: