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New Computer
January 2019

Time marches on and it was time for the club to update its laptop computer. The computer had Office 365, which MicroSoft turned into an annual subscription, so to save the subscription fee, Office was removed and replaced with a free office suite replacement (Libreoffice). And then things came to a head one meeting when a board member plugged in his memory stick for a presentation, and the computer was unable to display the modern PowerPoint file. 

So, the board set out to find a suitable and inexpensive replacement. The new computer would need to have a current operating system, sufficient storage, and the ability to display any file types, new or old, such as .xls &.xlsx, .ppt & .pptx, .doc & .docx, and so on. In other words, it had to be able to display the current form of Excel, PowerPoint and Word files, as well as be backward compatible to the previous forms of those files. It needs to be able to display any type of file which a guest presenter might bring to a meeting.

As the board wrestled with the cost, a member, who wishes to remain anonymous, stepped forward and donated a more modern computer to the club at no charge. So, we now have a newer computer for our meetings, and we still have the old one as a backup.

Thank you!

The new computer