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Education Corner
February 2019

"Your Mistakes Won't Make You Smarter"
"Certainly you’ve heard the well-worn trope, “We learn from our mistakes.” It is the mantra of experiential learning. That we learn something from mistakes is taken as fact, and justifies a wide range of trial-and-error approaches to everyday life. However, what it is we actually learn is sometimes up for debate..."
Complete story: Rapid Media 
"Top 11 Kayaking Tips from 2018"
"Whether you were new to paddling in 2018 or you're an experienced paddler, you can never stop learning. Every time you go on the water you are learning better techniques and becoming more comfortable with your craft. Here are the top 11 tips that the Kayak Hipster learned this year on the water..."
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"Why The Most Important Solo Whitewater Canoeing Stroke Is Dead"
"We no longer paddle small tandem boats, but solo ones—a very different craft that cannot be paddled in the same way as when sitting on the bow seat facing the stern. As solo canoes have gotten smaller, new techniques have emerged to paddle these new boats..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"How to Safely Paddle as a Group"
"Whenever you're paddling, there's safety in numbers and so it's generally not a good idea to paddle alone. That being said, travelling as a group has it's own challenges and safety considerations, so that's what we're going to look at in this video. When you decide to paddle as part of a group, even if that group is only two, you need to realize that you're becoming part of a team..."
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"Paddling Alone"
"One of the prevailing opinions I don't agree with is "never paddle alone". Every time I hear an instructor tell their students "never paddle alone" I am hoping they would add a condition onto their statement but most of the time the warning just stands alone. I believe a blanket statement discouraging paddling alone is a disservice to paddlers..."
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"Alone. The one real risk of solo adventures isn't what you think it is."
"The only real security is not insurance or money or a job. It is the skill and humor and courage within, the ability to build your own fires and find your own peace..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine 

"How to Plan for a Kayaking Trip"
"Being on the water, exposed to Mother Nature, means when things do go wrong, they can go very wrong, very quickly. Here's how to plan ahead in order to expect the unexpected..."
Complete story: 
"Lift, Carry and Load your own Kayak!"
"Lifting, loading and carrying a kayak seems to be one of the biggest concerns women have when they're getting into the sport. One of the first questions that women often ask me is: "Can I carry a kayak by myself? Can I load it onto my car?" Using the right technique it is possible to lift, carry and load your own boat..."
Complete story: 
"Everything You Didn’t Know About Pine gum"
"Pine gum or resin can come from pines, cedars, spruce, firs, junipers and most other coniferous trees. Survivalists use all forms of tree gums for waterproofing boot seams, fixing leaky canoes and damaged tents..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"What Happens If I Flip?"
"Paddlers often say that we're all "between swims." So watch our video and take our quiz to see if you know what happens if you flip!.."
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