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2019 Board Candidates
November 2018
by Christy Long

The Nominating Committee hereby presents the following slate of HCC Officer candidates to be voted upon to serve as the Board of Directors of the Houston Canoe Club for the year 2019.

These candidates will be voted upon at the November 14 general membership meeting.

Commodore - Bob Naeger

Candidate statement: "I've been an HCC member since the late 90's. I previously served as Purser. I’ve enjoyed every type of paddling I’ve tried; currently I spend most of my boating time canoe poling.

As Commodore, my main focus would be to increase the number of active trip leaders in the club.

Besides paddling, my main current interests are barbell training and pursuing certification as a Texas Master Naturalist."

Vice Commodore - Dan Roy
Candidate statement: "There is a sign in a little hotel on the boulevard St Michel in Paris that reads:  “Leave your values at the desk”.  Vice commodore?  Sounds appropriate, although I do not smoke (half empty disclosure).  I am writing from my French home in Nice where another hotel nearby spells my destiny:  “Le commo dore” rue Barberis.  Finally I was a reserve officer in the French Navy before joining you “Seafarer among seafarers, like a boundless drop to a boundless ocean” (Khalil Gibran “The prophet”).  My program is so simple it is simply not even there.  I will throw all the river mud I can to anywhere nearby without discrimination commondore sense or ethics.  This is what this campaign is all about.  Vote for Me Myself and I (Oscar Wilde, G-Easy, etc.) so that I can win by cheating."

Fleet Captain - Natalie Wiest

Boatswain - Paul Woodcock

Purser - Kent Walters
Newsletter Editor - John Rich

Candidate statement: "I have been publishing the newsletter for 9 years now, and have produced an issue on-time for each of 108 consecutive months.  I think the content keeps you informed of club business and activities, and does it in a quality presentation.  If you wish for me to continue in this role, please vote for me in the November 14 election.  Thank, you."

- Frank Ohrt

Candidate statement: "You bums are getting what you deserve…another year of me!"

Candidate photos:
Bob Naeger
Vice Commodore
Dan Roy
Fleet Captain
Natalie Wiest
Paul Woodcock

Kent Walters
Newsletter Editor
John Rich
Frank Ohrt

Thefollowing positions are appointed by the Commodore:

Conservation Chair
Bruce Bodson
Harmon Everett
    Sergeant at Arms
Ann Derby

2019 HCC Nominating Committee
Christy Long,Harmon Everett & Honey Leveen

Christy Long     Harmon Everett     Honey Leveen