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Bad E-Mail Addresses
November 2018
by John Rich
A lot of e-mail addresses end up invalid over time.  It's natural.  People change internet providers, change e-mail accounts, change employers, and so on.  And they forget to let the canoe club know of their new address.  It happens.  So, e-mail addresses included in member profiles sometimes quit working.  We like to keep in touch with all our current and former paddlers, even those whose memberships have expired.

So, it's time to make an attempt to clean up bad e-mail addresses in our club membership database.  The list below contains the names and e-mail addresses that were rejected in delivery during the last newsletter mass e-mailing.

If you see yourself on this list, or know of someone else whose e-mail address has changed, I would appreciate an updated e-mail address for our database.  You can contact me regarding this at  Thank you.

Member Email Address
------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------
Adisa, Shadisa
Adisa-Cyrus, Shadisa
Albers, Kevin
Albers, Pamelia
Ando, Christine
Andrisek, Ann
Austin, Charles
Bowden, Keith
Bula, Magi
Carsillo, Gary
Clark, Brian and Wendy
Clark, Robert
Corbett, Jeff
Davis, Linda
Edwards, Lisa
Fabian, Sondra
Fabian, Sondra
Fair, Judith and Kelley
Fletcher, Jerl
Flores, Denise
Fulbright, Connie
Hall, Jordan
Hammond, Timothy
Hanebury, Theresa
Howell, Claire
James, Graham
Kelly, John
Koons, Elaine
Krohn, Christine
Larrivierre, Jr., Joseph
Learned, Halcyon
Lindsey, Regina
Marmottin, D
Miller II, Glenn
Mind, Scorpio
Monteith, Chuck
Mora, W. Henry
Morgan, Orlando
Mosty Jr., Robert L
New, Bonnie
Nolin, Corrin corrin.l.nolin@gmail.clm
Northington, Jean
Peery, Cliff
Peery, Marilyn
Peery, MJ
Phillips, Kelly
Robbins, Julie
Roy, Rebecca
Shipman, Bob
Taylor, Mike
Tigard, Chet and Lillian
Vlaskamp, Mark
Wahrmund, Earl
Wallace, Loretta
Wendy, Zipps
Wild, Judy
Williams, Jerry W.
Wilson, Shannon
Ziegler, Mike
Zipps, David

If we don't get any updates on these entries, they will be updated to remove the bad e-mail addresses.  The member entry itself will be retained, with whatever other information it contains.  If contact is re-established, we can insert the new e-mail address and then club communications will resume.  If you are a member, there will be no effect on your membership - we'll just quit attempting to deliver e-mails to addresses which are no longer valid.

The author, John Rich