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Education Corner
November 2018

"Skills: Good Trip Gone Bad"
"The ability to challenge ourselves in almost any environment is one of the great attractions of our small, nimble craft. As quickly as you can find a challenge in your sea kayak, it is just as easy to get in over your head. To avoid ruining a good trip, preparation is key. Identify common problems you could encounter, develop creative solutions, and then try them out— before you get into trouble..."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak 
"6 Canoeing Accessories For Better Trips"
"You are standing at the put-in with your well-loved canoe, a PFD and paddle and gear for a weekend canoe trip. Your equipment and food is meticulously packed and organized. The lake is calm. The weather forecast is perfect. Isn’t everything great? Well, yes, but your canoeing experience could be even better with these six canoe accessories you didn’t even know you needed..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"How to Deal with Wind"
"Although kayaking is something that almost anyone can enjoy, kayaking in windy conditions presents some real challenges and safety concerns. And so in this video, we are going to talk about how to deal with wind when you are paddling..."
Complete story: 
"How To Pack For Self-Support Kayak Trips"
"Multi–day whitewater kayaking trips are a rewarding way to experience a new river or a remote area of your local watershed. Packing for an expedition is important for both safety and comfort. Knowing what to pack is crucial. But less commonly discussed is how to pack all your gear inside your boat..."
Complete story: web link

"Do Kids Need To Wear A PFD?"
"Your child is a great swimmer and doesn't need a lifejacket when swimming, so do they need to wear a PFD when they paddle with you? In this episode of our new Paddling with Kids series, Ken Whiting explains why your child should always wear a PFD when you hit the water..."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak 
"3 Techniques All Stand Up Paddlers Should Know"
"Stand up paddling is a lifelong pursuit with countless skills to develop and refine, and this is a big part of what makes it so much fun. In this video, we're going to focus on three key techniques that will make you a better and safer paddler..."
Complete story: 
"The Step-By-Step Guide To Really Pissing Off the Happy Camper"
"I’m generally a happy person and the happiest when out in the woods camping. I’m not unhappy when I’m trudging up long, rocky and buggy portages. I’m not unhappy eating porridge for the fifth morning in a row... What does make me an unhappy camper is when a campmate does something immoral..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
"How to Get Into and Out of a Canoe Smoothly and Safely"
"Canoes are surprisingly stable once you're settled into them, but getting in and out is a different story because your center of gravity is much higher. And so, in this video, we're gonna look at the best ways to get into and out of your canoe to avoid capsizing..."
Complete story: 
"How To Canoe With Your Dog"
"Bringing your dog on a canoe trip is awesome for so many reasons. Like seeing all the seemingly minor details that are infinitely exciting for a dog, like lily pads and frogs... Some dogs will take naturally to riding in a canoe and living in the backcountry for a few days, but the vast majority of dogs need some help along the way. Read on to find out how to turn your dog into a great paddling buddy..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"Five Traits You Want in A Canoe Trip Partner"
"The people you set out with on backcountry canoe trips can have a major influence on the journey’s outcome. We rounded up five traits that are key in canoe trip partners to make sure you have the best trips ever..."
Complete story: Canoeroots