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Canoes in the News
November 2018
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Hundreds of witches pick paddles over broomsticks to paddleboard" (Oregon)
"Hundreds of witches -- along with a handful of warlocks and wizards -- tossed their broomsticks, grabbed paddles and traveled six miles along the Willamette River... The event, called Standup Paddleboard Witch Paddle, dodged days of rain catching a short window of sunshine for the entire three-hour event..."
Complete story: Oregon Live 

"Beer can kayaks on the Erie Canal" (New York)
"Imagine cruising down the Erie Canal in a kayak made of beer cans. Or a canal-side pocket community designed to give a place to live within walkable distance to shopping, restaurants and recreational amenities. Both of those ideas came closer to fruition when the winners of the Reimagine the Canals competition were announced..."
Complete story: Democrat and Chronicle 

"2 dead after kayak overturns in Galveston" (Texas)
"Two men are dead after a kayak overturned off Pirates Beach in Galveston Saturday night. Galveston Beach Patrol identified the victims as 25-year-old Raul Olvera and 20-year-old Alan Perez Ferreyra.The surf was unusually rough, with strong winds and choppy waters..."
Complete story: 

"Trees clog Cedar River, making parts impassable" (Michigan)
"Sabrina Peters was excited to kayak down the Cedar River with her family from Gladwin City Park to her relative's house in Beaverton. But she didn't anticipate the group having to stop, lift their kayaks over fallen trees and continue back on the river...."
Complete story:   

"Fort Worth cuts ties with kayak vendor after inflammatory Facebook posts" (Texas)
"The city of Fort Worth is cutting ties with Fort Worth Kayak Adventures after the rental business made a series of inflammatory posts on Facebook last week. Fort Worth Kayak Adventures had been in an agreement with the city to rent kayaks at the Fort Worth Nature Center..."
Complete story: Star Telegram) 

"Student helps design canoe that allows the blind to paddle solo" (California)
"In less than six months of working together, a UC Irvine doctoral candidate and the director of a charitable organization offering recreational therapy for the visually impaired have developed special canoes that allow the blind to paddle solo..."
Complete story: LA Times 

"Ely hosts first-in-the-world canoe portaging marathon" (Minnesota)
"A community where canoes are king, now has its crowning achievement. Dan Drehmel shouldered a canoe more than 26 miles to win Ely’s first official canoe portaging marathon. “The truest Minnesotan thing you can think of is to carry a canoe for a whole marathon,” spectator Ashley Sinclair said.
Complete story: KARE 11 

"Driver trapped in flood water rescued by canoe" (Virginia)
".A motorist had to be rescued by canoe after attempting to turn around after encountering flooding. That driver stood on top of their vehicle stranded while emergency responders worked to rescue them via a canoe..."
Complete story: WTVR 

"How One Man Turned His Passion For Paddling Into A Career" (Minnesota)
"Raised in Indiana, Ted Bell found there are 10,000 reasons to fall in love with Minnesota — and one big reason why he moved here. “Raced around the circuit in that area and ended up moving to Minnesota to be closer to the Boundary Waters,” said Bell, founder of Northstar Canoes. “Canoe Country,” as Bell calls it, offered a chance to explore his passion for paddling. He was then able to turn that passion into a living..."
Complete story: WCCO 

"Storm helps reunite family with lost canoe" (Minnesota)
"Several years ago, Paul Kellner’s blue canoe went missing. He thought maybe it washed away with the waves or was even stolen as it had been before. However, as time went by, he and his family forgot about the canoe. That’s until Wednesday’s storm, when the very same canoe showed up right on the beach behind his house..."
Complete story: KBJR 

"How Greenlanders preserve their heritage through kayaking" (Greenland)
"Cloaked in sealskin suits, a flock of kayakers cuts across a steely expanse of frigid water. A close observer might catch signs of modernity in the vessels’ construction and the kayakers’ attire, but from a distance, the image appears timeless..."
Complete story: National Geographic