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New Archive Documents
October 2018
by John Rich

Mark Andrus is a long time HCC member, who has served on the board, and is a lawyer who formerly handled the legal needs of the club, such as managing our tax-exempt non-profit status with the IRS, and filing the necessary annual IRS returns.  Mark came across a thick folder of old HCC documents from the 1990's in his files, and turned them over to me to archive with the club records.  I have scanned these documents into digital form and uploaded them into the "Documents" section here on our web site.  These documents consist mostly of IRS tax filings, annual club financial statements, and some Southwest Canoe Rendezvous event accounting.  If you wish to see any of those, they are now available to member eyes only, here.  Look in the "Financial", "Legal" and "Southwest Canoe Rendezvous" folders.  You must be signed-on to prove membership to view these documents. 

Thanks to Mark, for making these two-decade old documents available for historical perspective.

Mark Andrus