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Education Corner
October 2018

"7 Most Important Skills For Sea Kayakers"
"Skills to stay safe and help ensure a fulfilling kayaking adventure
1. Learn how to make a bilge pump
Having a method for emptying a flooded cockpit is essential. Some kayakers use foot-operated bilge pumps, while others use electric..."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak 
"The History Of Canvas"
"In 1885, James W. Woods began supplying canvas tents, sleeping bags and clothing to lumbermen working in the Ottawa Valley—home of Paddling Magazine. The Woods brand, relied upon by early explorers, pioneers, adventurers and outdoorsmen, has recently been purchased by the national department store chain Canadian Tire..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 
"9 Most Important Skills For Whitewater Paddlers"
"You can never stop developing your skills in whitewater paddling. That's one of the reasons whitewater is so addictive. Changing seasons, varying water levels and different styles of paddling require many different skill sets..."
Complete story: Rapid Media 
"How To Perfectly Fit A Kayak""
"I don’t try clothes on before I buy them. If the waist and length measurements of a pair of jeans is in the ballpark with what I usually wear, I assume things will be fine... When it comes to sizing a kayak however, I pay attention..."
Complete story: Real Media