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Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
Sept. 12, 2018
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
  Commodore Honey Leveen called the meeting to order, and introduced the officers present. They were Ms. Leveen, Vice Commodore Alice Nissen, Boatswain Paul Woodcock, Newsletter Editor John Rich, and Recorder Frank Ohrt. (Purser Kent Walters, Webmaster Harmon Everett, and Sergeant-at-Arms Ann Derby arrived late.) 

  She asked for volunteers to serve as Commodore for the coming year, as she will be moving away in the spring, then asked that the previous meetings’ minutes be accepted as written. They were, despite no one having read them. She mentioned the Holiday Party on December 15.

  She then gave the Safety Minute, recommending the wearing of permethrin-treated clothing to repel ticks and mosquitoes in this age of arthropod-transmitted diseases. She’s right. West Nile disease is not much fun. 

  Kent Walters
  Mr. Walters not having arrived yet, we all gave the Purser’s report, from memory. All, as usual, is well.

   The Fleet Captain being somewhere in the Canadian woods, everyone pitched in to give the Fleet Captain’s report. Recent trips, and their leaders, were:
Aug. 11: Open house and paddle at the Dunn’s, Angleton; Forrest and Katrina Dunn,
Aug. 18: Miles and Mussels #6, Brazos River; Bruce Bodson, 
Aug. 25: Turtle Bayou, David Portz,
Sept. 1:  Armand and Middle Bayous; David Portz,
Sept. 8:  Neches River Rally (unofficial trip), Neches River; Fran Wilcox,
Sept. 9:  Miles and Mussels #7, Brazos River; Bruce Bodson.

  Upcoming trips announced were:

Sept. 22: Miles and Mussels #8, Brazos River; Bruce Bodson,
Sept. 29: Upper Guadelupe River Clean-up, Susan Eda,
Oct. 13:  Greens Bayou Regatta, David Portz, 
Oct.  ??: Buffalo River, AK, Kent Walters (dates flexible), 
Nov. 3:   Goliad Canoe Trail, San Antonio River.

Paul Woodcock  
  Mr. Woodcock gave the Boatswain’s report. He thanked the members who have sent him their ACA numbers. There were three new members: David Henderson, Margaret Sasaki, and Paul Theriault. 

  Beth Johnson
  Ms. Nissen introduced the evening’s speaker, Beth Johnson, who talked about her 433-mile expedition paddle on the Noatak River, in northwest Alaska. She said the mosquitoes weren’t bad, but I don’t believe her.

  Ms. Leveen adjourned the meeting. 

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
Sept 1, 2018
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
There was no board of directors meeting this month.

Board Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt