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Canoes in the News
August 2018
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"In the Jungle"
"The belief in the healing powers of green spaces has existed for at least 2,500 years, since Cyrus the Great built gardens for relaxation in Persia’s ancient capital. As the effect of nature on the brain has been increasingly studied, countless reports have touted the benefits..."
Complete story: Canoeroots 

"Texas Game Wardens Stress Continued Water Safety Vigilance" 
"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is urging the public to be extra vigilant when it comes to water safety in the wake of five tragic drownings over the July 4th holiday. Thus far in 2018, there have been 37 open water drownings, compared to 30 over the same time period a year ago..."
Complete story: 

"Best water safety advice: Wear a life jacket" 
"'Wearing a PFD is the most basic and easiest thing every boater can do to improve safety on the water,' said assistant commander Cody Jones, boating law administrator with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s law enforcement division..."
Complete story: 

"Oregon Marine Board seeks higher boat fees"
"The Oregon State Marine Board plans to ask the Legislature to increase registration fees paid by motorized boaters... a new waterways access permit to begin January 2020 that would cost $5 a week, $17 a year or $30 for two years for non-motorized boats 10 feet and longer..."
Complete story: 

"Do you stash canoes at remote Maine ponds?"
"For many Mainers, “going fishing” means heading to camp, hopping on a boat and heading out on a busy lake or pond. And for the more adventurous among us, “going fishing” involves long hikes into remote ponds, where we borrow a canoe — or, perhaps, have one of our own canoes stashed. Around the state, there are hundreds of places like that, and in some cases anglers have stored dozens of canoes on the shorelines of those ponds, on land they don’t own..."
Complete story: Observer 

"Need a beach read? Canoe out to the Floating Library" (location)
"You’ve heard of good beach reads. How about good drifting-in-the-middle-of-the-lake reads? And what better place to get a book for your boat than at a floating library? Move over bookmobile, it’s the bookbarge. Grab your kayak or canoe, the Floating Library project is back..."
Complete story: 

"N. Korean canoe paddlers to arrive in S. Korea for Asiad training" 
"North Korean canoe paddlers set to compete with South Koreans at the upcoming Asian Games will cross the border on Saturday, Seoul officials said. The Korea Canoe Federation said that a North Korean delegation of 38 will fly in and will begin working out with South Koreans at the International Rowing Center south of Seoul. The Koreas have agreed to assemble a joint team in dragon boat racing..."
Complete story: Yonhapnews

"The Man with 20 Kayaks" (Canada)
"Stepping inside my friend Craig Zimmerman's garage feels like entering a paddlesports museum. Whitewater and sea kayaks fill the two-car space, providing a reasonably complete chronology of the development of recreational paddling over the past three decades. At last count, Zimmerman's collection stands at 20..."
Complete story: 

"A kayak in the library?" (New York)
"At the David Howe Library, on top of a bookcase usually reserved for a particular author or a monthly theme, instead of books, magazines and audio books there rests a green, 9.5 foot Perception kayak. Upon further examination there is a sign which tells those and others interested in water sports, that not only one, but two kayaks are being given away in a raffle to benefit the Friends of the Library..."
Complete story: WellsvilleDaily 

"See why a bear and a mermaid are in kayaks downtown" (Michigan)
"Nine kayak sculptures will decorate downtown Muskegon through the end of summer. The 2018 kayak sculpture project is part of the Lakeshore Art Festival, which will be held July 6-7, in downtown Muskegon..."
Complete story: