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Education Corner
August 2018

"Guide To Buying A Standup Paddleboard"
"So, you’re ready to buy a paddleboard. The explosive growth and relative infancy of SUP means there are dozens of companies out there, each offering an assortment of boards. The choice can be overwhelming—there are more than a hundred new boards and accessories listed between pages 65 and 88 of the 2018 Paddling Buyers Guide. Buying a standup paddleboard doesn’t have to be confusing..."
Complete story: web link
"Unmanned Kayaks Costing Billions"
"Unmanned kayaks cause many problems: not only for the people who lost them but also for the US Coast Guard along with state and local authorities. Whenever an unmanned kayak is spotted, it is assumed there is a paddler who has capsized, is in the water and potentially drowning. The US Coast Guard and local authorities, then, must take each and every one of these unmanned kayak situations as if someone's life is in danger..."
Complete story:
"Do You Prefer Bench or Bucket?"
"While materials, weight, length and trim are all aspects most paddlers consider when they are in the market for a canoe, rarely do we reconsider how we sit in our boats..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
"How To Extend Your Canoe’s Life"
"Although canoes can’t be made out of truck bedliner - or can they - this two-part system combines two ingredients, hardener, and resin, directly before application to create the perfect mix of a durable, protective shield. Outfitters such as The Boundless School and Algonquin Canoe Company have applied it directly as skid plates and entire bottoms of some canoes in an effort to cover, seal and protect from further damage..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
"Secrets To Staying Off Your Buddy's Black List"
"There is a short list of paddlers with whom I will never run another river. Nice enough individuals, I just don’t want to be anywhere near them on the water..."
Complete story: Paddling Magazine
"Canoeing Trends As Told by Industry Leaders"
"'We hear a lot about the exploding popularity of SUP, but I think canoeing is still the gateway drug for getting into paddlesports. That won’t change. Camps and school groups still use canoes most often, and for many kids it’s their first experience on the water'..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
"Basics of a Kayak Paddle"
"Kayak paddles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. But the decision to buy one doesn't need to be a hard one. For casual paddling, any paddle that is durable enough to stand up to the abuse you'll undoubtedly subject it to will usually be adequate. With that said, there are some real benefits to choosing a good quality paddle..."
Complete story: