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HomeNL-2018-04 Waste Containment

Waste Containment System Update
April 2018
by Harmon Everett

Update on the Performance of the Waste Containment System

As reported in last month’s Waterline (here), I was using a new containment system for the waste that we are now required to pack out from paddling the Boquillas Canyon.

The system uses wag bags, or camping toilet waste bags available from Walmart or Academy to capture the waste, and a plastic 80 Fl. OZ Del Dixi pickle jar as a leakproof and odor proof containment and transport system.

I am happy to say that the pickle jar did, indeed, contain and transport the waste bags without leaking and without any odor. This will become my preferred equipment for packing out such waste in any future overnight camping paddles.

We had a discussion of the “Packing it all out” requirement while on the trip, and Kent Walters mentioned he uses “Doggi Bags” to contain his waste. He typically spreads sand or dirt over the waste to help solidify it before picking it up in the bag, just as if it were dog poo, and then ties it closed and stores it into a small dry sack. One advantage of this method is that it is a much smaller waste bag than the commercial camping toilet waste bags, and is evidently just as odor proof.

The author,  Harmon Everett