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2017 Paddler Awards
by Natalie Wiest
The HCC Fleet Captain is given considerable leeway on what annual awards to make, based upon the budget and the number of paddlers who have achieved mileage goals.The criteria for counting miles is that they had to be on official HCC trips, which were posted and available to all our members in enough time that they could join a trip if desired.

Note that many club members also paddle additional miles on non-club trips, so their actual annual mileage may be higher than what is represented here for HCC trips only.

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Annual Paddling Awards for 2017

Club miles paddled: 2,562 miles on 30 trips

Mileage leader: Kent Walters, 172 miles

100-Miler Awards: Kent Walters (172), David Portz (155), Duane Heckelsberg (139), and Christy Long (111).

70-Miler Awards: Joe Coker (98), Natalie Wiest (94), Bruce Bodson (81), and Fran Wilcox (74). 

Trip Leader Awards, for leading 2 or more trips: Kent Walters (5), Natalie Wiest (5), Tom Douglas (4), Christy Long (4), Bruce Bodson (3), and Julie Hammond (2). 

Single trip leaders: Harmon Everett, Joe Coker, Paul Woodcock, Robert Langley, Tracy Becker.


Fran Wilcox, Bruce Bodson, Joe Coker, Chrisy Long, David Portz, Natalie Wiest, Kent Walters.

For trips to “count”, they must be posted at least 3 days in advance, with 3 or more paddlers, and an HCC trip coordinator must send me a report.

Cheers and happy paddling,


Fleet Captain, Natalie Wiest