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Education Corner
November 2017

"The Birth Of A Dugout Canoe"
"Watch this video to see the time and effort that goes into carving your own canoe from a single tree, and the fulfillment that it brings..."
Complete story: The Northmen
"How To Master The Contact Tow"
"The Contact Tow is an easy and fast way to move a paddler a short distance. The kayak-to-kayak method—no ropes necessary—is the simplest way for the tower to push or pull a paddler to safety, positioning the kayaks side-by-side and making sure the boats are offset to allow for easy paddling...."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak
"The High and Low Brace"
"Learn the best way to keep your kayak from capsizing in this episode of PaddleTV. World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting, outlines how to execute high and low braces to keep your kayak from flipping...."
Complete story:
"Recreational Kayaks vs Sea Kayaks"
"A question I get very often is on different types of kayaks, the pros and cons of each type and why you should get one versus the other. But it really comes down to what type of paddling you're going to be doing and where you're going to be paddling..."
Complete story:
"How To Launch Your Kayak In Rough Conditions"
"Launching your kayak from a rough shore and in rough weather conditions can be dangerous. But with a little practice, you can feel safe launching anytime, anywhere..."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak
"Kayak Touring Techniques"
"Learn how to kayak or improve your skills with these three techniques that all touring kayakers should know. In this episode of PaddleTV, World Champion Kayaker, Ken Whiting, outlines the 3 key techniques touring kayakers should practice and get comfortable with...."
Complete story:
"How To Sleep In Your Canoe"
"What makes the best bed on a canoe trip? Some will say a thick inflatable pad in a tent. Others swear by swinging a hammock, but I’ve canoe camped for many years, and tried it all. I sleep best in my canoe. Nothing beats pulling up on shore, laying a pad and sleeping bag in the bottom of my boat and crawling in..."
Complete story: Canoeroots
"How to Get In and Out of a Canoe"
"In this video, they explain how to get into and out of a canoe smoothly and safely, and demonstrate launching and landing at a dock, as well as on shore..."
Complete story:
"Top 11 Canoe Trip Faux Pas"
"The worst mistakes you can make on backcountry canoe trips and how to avoid them..."
Complete story: Canoeroots

"How To Paddle A Short Whitewater Canoe"
"In the past decade short solo canoes have bobbed into the whitewater scene. Now, short and long solo boats share the river in about equal numbers. Paddlers are attracted to these canoes because they are responsive, lightweight and well suited for technical rapids and popular low-volume creeks. They offer canoeists something different and are simply fun to paddle, once you figure them out..."
Complete story:
"How To Transport A SUP"
"Transporting your first kayak or paddleboard on top of your vehicle can be scary. Are you tying it down right? Do you need more straps? Can your vehicle bare the load? The video below will show you three ways to safely transport a paddleboard..."
Complete story: Adventure Kayak
"The 60-Second Z-Drag"
"Let me explain it like this: imagine you have a 100-pound bucket of cement. When you grab the handle you will struggle to lift it, as your arm is lifting all 100 pounds. But if a friend grabs onto the handle too, you will each be lifting 50 pounds. Add another arm and you each lift a third, or 33 pounds. Three arms split the work in three, or create a 3:1 system. Flip this logic around: three arms can do three times the work of one; more arms multiply the force. The physics are the same for the Z drag..."
Complete story: Rapid Media
"Paddling with your best friend - your dog"
"Dogs are a strange breed. Some are well behaved and considerate, while others are just a plain nuisance, which is why the question of having them join you on a canoe trip is not all that cut and dry. Much of it depends on the actions of the owners themselves..."
Complete story:
"Top 5 Tips to Make You A Better Canoe Paddler"
"Whether you've been canoeing for years, or you're just looking to get started, in this video we go over the top 5 tips to help make you a better paddler, which will in turn make your experience on the water more enjoyable and safer..."
Complete story:
"Five Tips For Escaping Holes In The Water"
"At some point in your paddling career you’ll find yourself stuck in a hole. Once there, you need to know how to get out, ideally while staying in your boat... Now that you can breathe, here’s how to escape the hole..."
Complete story: Rapid Media