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Paddling Armand Bayou after Harvey
Sept 10, 2017
by Natalie Wiest

Several months passed since I paddled and days of being glued to the TV as the disaster created by Hurricane Harvey unfolded in Houston had me hankering for some worthwhile outdoor adventure. Finally the weather cleared out and a cold front blew in with low humidity and temperatures at least for us in September. When I learned that Armand Bayou was accessible via Bay Area Park, it didn’t take a second opportunity to get me loading my canoe and heading out – accompanied by co-conspirator Dave Kitson, paddle partner Ellen Shipman, and Bill Ohsie and Alice Nissen who saw my note on the HCC Forum. We met at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning at the recently-cleared parking area. Clearly there had been some sand there and the floating dock was closed and marked by a new alligator-aware sign.

There was hardly a cloud in the sky, a fabulous day to be on the water.

As we crossed under Bay Area Boulevard we noticed only the highest of the swallow nests under the downstream bridge had survived the flood waters.

Around the next bend upstream of Bay Area Boulevard, trees had been uprooted and pushed over by the rushing waters.

The next “peninsula” upstream of that on Armand Bayou has a new breach in it and a new shortcut is formed.

The pipeline crossing much farther upstream is festooned with the results of Harvey.

We enjoyed our day on the water – so infinitely better than the many folks who were under the water and their homes and possessions soggy from the storm. I hope that includes few of our readers, and for those affected, think positive and remember, there are better days ahead and on top of the water.

Natalie Wiest


The author, Natalie Wiest