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In the News
January, 2017
A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Texas Legislature set to tackle outdoors issues" (Texas)
"Under a bill filed in the Texas Legislature, boaters in kayaks and other non-motorized vessels would no longer be exempt from a requirement they carry an emergency sound-producing device that meets Coast Guard-approved boating safety equipment standards..."
Complete story:                                 

"How a Chronicle photographer captured kayaking into the kitchen" (Guerneville, CA)
"He drove around the flooded streets of Guerneville for a while Wednesday morning, searching for a person to bring some life to photos amid the submerged homes and the businesses where sandbags couldn’t keep away the swollen Russian River. San Francisco Chronicle photographer Santiago Mejia found what he was looking for in Lorin Doeleman, the woman he captured kayaking through her living room inside her mother’s flooded home..."
Complete story:                                 

"3 Houston-area young men killed on duck hunting trip" (Matagorda Bay, TX)
"The bodies of three young adults from Chambers County, just east of Baytown, were recovered Saturday alongside the trio's capsized boat after a duck hunting outing in the Matagorda Bay... When the young men didn't return home several hours after they were expected, a girlfriend called the U.S. Coast Guard to report them missing..."
Complete story: Chronicle                                               Entry contributed by Frank Ohrt. 

"Coast Guard Rescues Missing Galveston Kayaker" (Galveston, TX)
"The search for a missing Galveston kayaker comes to an end. The Coast Guard located the kayaker off Sunny Beach in Galveston. The kayaker, described as a Hispanic male, was found in stable condition and transported to a local hospital. He was located 2 miles offshore in strong winds and 63 degree water temperature. The man was plucked from the waters during a wind storm..."
Complete story: Police News                                  

"Creek Cooler Portable Kayak Cooler" 
"Summer just can’t come soon enough, especially when we’re introduced to products like the CreekKooler. It’s a portable cooler that can be pulled behind any self-propelled personal watercraft, like a kayak for instance, and floats atop the surface of the water with ease..."
Complete story: Hiconsumption                                

"Pirogue Could Become Official State Artifact" (Illinois)
"While we’re waiting for Illinois lawmakers and the governor’s office to work out a state budget, how about a history lesson? If you take a tree trunk and hollow it out to make a canoe, you have built a pirogue. Members of the Illini tribe did such a thing, and some middle school students from Wilmette are asking the legislature and governor to designate the pirogue the official state artifact..."
Complete story: WYMG                                 

"Group seeks to help local veterans heal through kayak fishing" (Michigan)
"Heroes on the Water (HOW) recently kicked off its first fundraising campaign to purchase equipment for veterans to use during free kayak fishing trips. The program will help veterans heal and decompress through outdoor rehabilitation and therapeutic fishing experiences... Kayaks, personal flotation devices, paddles, fishing gear, meals and transportation will be provided to each participant..."
Complete story:                                 

"Small plane cracks through ice on lake" (Michigan)
"The pilot was uninjured when a small plane cracked through the ice on Murray Lake. The investigation revealed that a aircraft broke through thin ice just prior to take-off and became submerged under the ice. The pilot of the plane was identified as James Bakeman, 59, of Grand Rapids. A witness utilized a kayak to traverse the ice-covered lake and assist Bakeman to shore..."
Complete story: Fox17                                 

"Alligator snapping turtle freed from a Houston drain pipe is rehabilitated and released" (Houston, TX)
"The alligator snapping turtle stood frozen on the banks of a caramel-brown stream. It didn't blink. It didn't unfurl its tail. It just stood there, inches from the water... Lately, things haven't been easy for the 54-pound turtle. In early December, it got wedged inside a drainage pipe in north Houston, and the rescue turned into a viral sensation. Since getting sprung from the pipe, things have definitely been looking up..."
Complete story: Chronicle                                 

"Terry Hershey, Houston environmentalist who saved Buffalo Bayou, dies at 94" (Houston, TX)
"Terry Hershey, an environmentalist who prevented Buffalo Bayou from being channelized and stripped of its natural beauty, died Thursday. She was 94. Hershey is widely credited with jump-starting the environmental movement in Houston, by fighting the reviled Buffalo Bayou project in the 1960s. She later launched several conservation groups, inspiring legions to pick up the torch for the environment. A former member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, she also was a powerful advocate for parks and worked hard to make sure the state's most spectacular places were protected. "Houston is a greener city because of Terry's involvement and persistence in preserving the bayous," Katharine C. Lord, former executive director of the Bayou Preservation Association, told the Houston Chronicle last year. "We have her to thank..."
Complete story: Chronicle                         Entry contributed by John Bartos and Frank Ohrt.