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Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
January 11, 2017
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt

The Commodore called the meeting to order, and introduced the officers for the coming year:

Honey Leveen – Commodore;
Ann Derby – Vice-commodore;
Kent Walters – Purser;
Natalie Wiest – Fleet Captain;
Paul Woodcock – Boatswain;
John Rich – Newsletter Editor;
Harmon Everrett – Webmaster;
Frank Ohrt – Recorder;

She then noted the pre- and post-meeting gatherings at nearby restaurants. She spoke about the upcoming Wild and Scenic Film Festival at the River Oaks Theater, sponsored by the Citizen's Environmental Coalition. She invited the members to attend as a group on January 26, and receive a discount for tickets.

She announced the choosing of December 16th as the date for the 2017 Holiday Party, to be held at St. Andrew's Church again. If we haven't been blackballed.

Frank Ohrt
The Recorder gave the Safety Minute, on the dangers of not wearing a PFD whenever one is on the water, and of ignoring the weather forecast, giving recent examples of people drowning and/or dying of hypothermia in motor craft accidents.

The Webmaster explained that the lag time between a Forum posting and its appearance on the website and in e-mails was for moderation of the content. Everyone agreed that that was acceptable.

Patti Carothers
& Bruce Bodson
Patti Carothers presented the ACA Volunteer of the Year award to Bruce Bodson, in recognition of his many efforts on behalf of paddle sports and river and bay stewardship. Hooray for Bruce! May he keep up the good work. He accepted, and offered to speak in the future about Baykeepers, an organization advocating on behalf of clean water in Galveston Bay.

The purser gave his monthly report. We are a bit behind budget for the year, as at the first of every year, but that we continue to be solvent.

The Boatswain announced one new member, Amanda Focke.

  Fleet Captain,
Natalie Wiest 
The Fleet Captain reported on recent club paddles, and the trip leaders:

11/12/16 – San Marcos River, Fentress to Luling, Kent Walters;
11/19/16 – Turtle Bayou, Tom Douglas;
11/25/16 – Oyster Creek, Natalie Wiest;
11/27/16 – Old River, Natalie Wiest;
12/10/16 – Trinity River Cut-off, Kent Walters;
12/25/16 – Buffalo Bayou , Harmon Everett;
12/27/16 – Old River CBC, Bruce Bodson;
01/01/17 – San Jacinto River CBC, Bruce Bodson;
01/08/17 – San Bernard River, Paul Woodcock.

Harmon Everett showed slides of a river rescue on the 11/12/16 San Marcos River trip.

An upcoming trip through Boquillas Canyon, 2/17/17 – 2/20/17, led by Kent Walters, was announced.

The Fleet Captain apologized for not having the 100-miler awards ready.

The Recorder spoke of the recent success of the TRPA 's San Marcos River “tuber nuisance” lawsuit and encouraged everyone to support the TRPA.

Kent Walters
& Ann Derby
The Vice-commodore introduced Kent Walters, who spoke about the various styles of canoe and kayak, and what types of paddling for which each was best.

The Commodore called the meeting to a close. Everyone started stacking chairs, so as not to annoy the building manager.

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
January 4, 2017
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
The Commodore called the meeting to order. Present were Honey Leveen, Commodore; Ann Derby, Vice-commodore; Kent Walters, Purser; John Rich, Newsletter Editor; Natalie Wiest, Fleet Captain; Paul Woodcock, Boatswain; Frank Ohrt, Recorder; Harmon Everrett, Commodore Emeritus and Webmaster; Terry Herdlicka, Boatswain Emeritus.

Mr. Walters gave the club financial report. Holiday party expenses were outstanding, as was a “privacy” fee for the website, and possibly an ACA “Paddle America Club” fee. It was resolved to call the ACA and find out.

Mr. Ohrt noted that the online membership form needed to be changed to reflect current club policy with respect to the HCC/ACA insurance fee issue.

Mr. Rich asked that basic information about the club's finances be put in the monthly newsletter.

Mr. Woodcock suggested putting a list of the contents of the club library in the newsletter. It was decided to investigate the cost of converting club videotapes to DVD format.

Mr. Woodcock gave the membership report. The club has four new members. He then noted the need for all members to sign liability waivers for 2017.

Ms. Wilcox and Ms. Derby announced the speakers for the January, February, and March membership meetings.

Ms. Leveen suggested that the club reserve the St. Andrews Parish Hall for next year's Holiday Party. All agreed. She discussed what topics were proper for discussion at the Officers' Meetings.

The officers discussed HCC participation in the “Wild and Scenic Film Festival” at the River Oaks Theater, presented by the Citizens' Environmental Coalition.

It was moved and approved that the club donate $400.00 to the TRPA, to help defray legal costs of the San Marcos River Tuber Nuisance Lawsuit.

Mr. Everett suggested that the club investigate the purchase of a new club computer for use at the Membership meetings. It was agreed that that was a good idea.

Ms. Leveen called the meeting to an end.  

Board Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt