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Christmas Party
December 17th, 2016
The annual HCC Christmas Party was held on December 17th in the Heights at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, 1819 Heights Blvd, Houston.
The Club provided turkey & ham, soft drinks, ice, plates and cutlery. Members contributed their own dishes, from appetizers, side dishes, desserts and wine.
Here's the photo album link: Xmas Party 2016
And a video of the sumptuous food table, from the desserts back to the main courses: Food 
Commodore Honey Leveen served as master of ceremonies.

Harmon Everett put together an amazing slideshow of fifteen hundred, yes, that's right, 1,500 photos, which are all the photos from 2016 trips posted on the club photo album web page.
We really need to start planning these parties as three-hour affairs, instead of just two. Everyone is having such a good time in conversation, and catching up with old friends that they hadn't seen in while, that no one is ready to leave after just two hours!  
A big thanks to those members who arrived early to decorate tables and set up the food.  And for those who stayed late to take things down and clean up.
Special mention goes to Liz Dennis & Frank Ohrt. They procured the wonderful facility for us, watched over the details before, during and after the party. They arrived before the rest of the volunteers and were the last to leave.  And they kept the coffee brewing!