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Armand Bayou Short Evening Trip
July 16, 2016
by John Ohrt

We had seven paddlers attend this trip. Paddling tandem were Natalie Wiest and her daughter Ellen, and Paul Woodcock and Alice Nissen. Solo paddles were John Ohrt, Kent Walters, and a new member Amy McGee. There was a strong south wind so we changed our trip plan and went to Horsepen Bayou which was quiet and protected. We saw a good number of herons and egrets, and an osprey. Also at least three smallish alligators. Natalie and Ellen saw a buck deer with velvet antlers standing back from the water’s edge. A few of the herons had such good spots that they did not move as we went by. We turned around when the bayou became wide open and returned to Bay Area Park. On the way back we had some route finding issues and I was glad to have Paul and Natalie along. Hint: if you are supposed to be going east and you are paddling into the setting sun you are going the wrong way. On the way back we picked up a sit-on-top paddler who was confused as to where the park was. It was a beautiful evening with the dark trees silhouetted against the orange sunset (see Paul’s photos on the web page). It was a fine summer evening to be outdoors.

Paul Woodcock's photo album from the trip is here.

The author, John Ohrt