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Why the Waiver Drive?
July, 2016
by Honey Leveen, HCC Commodore
HCC is an affiliate of the ACA ( Visit ACA’s site to see how the ACA does tons of good in the world of paddling.

The biggest benefit HCC gets from ACA affiliation is the ability to have insurance liability coverage at specified paddles and social events. In today’s litigious society, this is extremely important.

You will notice HCC’s board is making a concerted effort to get all HCC members to sign ACA waivers. Webmaster and Commodore Emeritus Harmon Everett has done a great job enticing our members to sign ACA waivers. At June’s meeting, he hosted an ACA waiver signing event by offering cupcakes and delicious, home baked cookies to members who completed their ACA waivers.

Purser Bob Naeger has done a great job designing an Excel tracking system that will enable us to easily see who has and has not signed ACA waivers. He is working closely with Fleet Captain Natalie Wiest on this.

If you haven’t signed your ACA waiver yet, it can be found here. Please print it out and bring it to an upcoming meeting, or mail it to HCC at P.O. Box 925516, Houston, TX 77292-5516.

The author, Honey Leveen