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HomeNL-2016-07 Last Meeting Minutes
Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt & Honey Leveen

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
June 8th, 2016
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt  
The Commodore called the meeting to order, and introduced the officers. She called attention to the pre- and post-meeting meals, and announced that the Webmaster position was vacant. She then called on all the members present to sign liability waivers, so we wouldn’t be in the dumpster with the ACA. Harmon Everett read the riot act, but nicely, and and announced that there were cookies and cupcakes for all signers. Many were signed, much was eaten.

Frank Ohrt reported on the new Holiday Party venue. Yippee!
The Purser gave the Purser’s report. We’ve got lots of renewals, and lots of new members.
The members voted to accept the minutes of the last meeting as presented. The Recorder voted twice.

The Newsletter Editor spoke about how Google Analytics lets the club track visits to the website. He mentioned Harmon’s efforts to make the club website more mobile-device-friendly. 


  Frank Ohrt 
For the Safety Minute, Frank Ohrt spoke about recent instances where people got in big trouble because they either didn’t have pfd’s, or were sitting on them when a wave turned their boat over.

The Boatswain gave the membership report.  She announced that we still have some leftover $10 gift cards for whole Earth Provision Company, and that John Rich had posted several years of the club newsletter on the website.

  Fleet Captain,
Natalie Wiest
The Fleet Captain asked for trip reports. Frank Ohrt reported on a trip on Barton Creek on May 21, and Tom Douglas reported on a Trinity basin crossing on June 7. Many other trips that had been planned were cancelled due to high water.

Upcoming trips announced included a June 12 trip on Turtle Bayou (Tom Douglas), an evening paddle on Oyster Creek (Philip and Tisha Mattocks), the Texas Water Safari, June 25, and Week of Rivers, in North Carolina, July 1 - 9 (Carolina Canoe Club).


  Vice Commodore
Fran Wilcox with
Amanda Anderson 
The Vice-Commodore introduced Amanda Anderson of the Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, who spoke about shorebirds nesting on the Texas coast. They have a hard time of it, mainly because of idiots on ATVs and in Jeeps tearing up the dunes. She asked that we consider volunteering to help re-direct such traffic, and report offenders. She can be reached at or

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
June 1st, 2016
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Honey Leveen
Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by Commodore Honey.

In attendance: Honey, Natalie, Fran, Harmon, Frank, John R

Items Discussed:
  1. Motion by Harmon to approve Liz Dennis as HCC representative/agent in procuring 2016 party space at St Andrews Church. Frank seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

  2. Natalie reported the majority of our paddle trips have been cancelled due to rain and/or fast water.

  3. Discussion of whether to put button on our site. Fran will investigate and find out how big the button is and where it needs to be posted.

  4. Fran has some excellent programs lined up. She is investigating finding fun paddling film(s) to show as summer meeting program. She will ask for suggestions on Forum.

  5. John R described how he set up Google Analytics on HCC’s site. He will give brief presentation on what Google Analytics is doing for us at general meeting on June 8.

  6. Harmon reported on how he has beautified HCC’s web site. He will give brief report on this at June 8 meeting.|

  7. June safety minute will be about people paddling in dangerous waters who are woefully unprepared. Frank and Harmon will give it.

  8. Conversation about ACA PAC and waivers. Harmon reported it was not viable for HCC to implement the same online waiver service HASK uses because HCC does not impose mandatory ACA membership.

    What ACA tells us is different than what contract says.

    In order to protect HCC and board from law suits, we must have near unanimous ACA waivers signed.

    Board does not want to impose mandatory ACA membership fees on HCC members. Therefore, we will launch aggressive ACA waiver signing at June 8 meeting. We will make it fun. We will award cookies for every waiver signer. We will explain why signed waivers are essential.

    Honey will compose letter to be published in newsletter and in Forum explaining importance of waiver signing.

    Bob will create spread sheet showing members who have signed waivers by July.

    A field can be inserted into member profile indicating whether or not waiver has been signed.
Frank moved to adjourn meeting. Fran seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:33 PM.

Board Meeting Recorder,
Honey Leveen