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HomeNL-2016-05 Mileage Logs

HCC Paddle Mileage Logs
May, 2016
John Rich

Ladies and gentlemen, as you know, our elected Fleet Captain keeps track of member miles paddled throughout each year, and awards prizes to those who exceed 100 miles for a year.  They have done this in recent history using Excel spreadsheets, tracking all trips, their mileage, and who paddled them, with various totals.
What has not always been routine is for those mileage logs to get loaded to the web site when they are completed at the end of each year.  So, one of my latest projects has been to chase down former Fleet Captains and get hold of their old annual paddling mileage logs, and upload them to the web site.  
I now have the latest 11 years of mileage logs loaded and available for viewing, from 2003 to 2015.  There are a few wrinkles to the story: 2011 data is missing as the Fleet Captain's computer crashed and the data was lost, and 2010 is only complete through October.  And for 2003 thru 2005 we have only summary trip statistics, but not data on individual member paddlers.
The Fleet Captains who have provided this data over this time period are Terri Morgan, Dave Kitson, Joe Coker, Paul Woodcock, Donna Grimes, Fraser Baker and Bob Price.

I'm still looking for Ken McDowell who was Fleet Captain in 2010, in hopes of getting the final year-end file from him.  He is apparently back from Brazil, but living in the Carolina's somewhere.  If anyone has an e-mail address for him, please let me know.  What are the odds he will still have a computer file from 2010?  Well, Robert Price still had his from 2004!  And I will continue to work my way backwards in time to recover whatever I can.
I have made these documents viewable by members only.  I don't really think there is any kind of privacy concerns with paddling miles, and there is no personal data other than your name.  But I'm playing it safe.  If we want to make these files public, we can discuss it at a meeting.
The format of the Excel files is this:  The x axis lists the trips, and the y axis lists members.  Paddling miles for each trip are inserted at the row and column intersections of the two.  Individual Fleet Captains exercise their own creativity and organization ideas on the data, so it varies a little from year to year.  You might want to put on your sunglasses before opening Donna's spreadsheet with neon colors. 
Here is how to find these mileage logs.  It's as easy as paddling on flat water!
My computer system from which these screen images are captured is Windows 8.  Yours may vary for different operating systems, but should be similar.
1) Click "Documents" in the index bar on the left.
2) Click "Mileage Logs" in the Document Folders list.
3) Click a green down-arrow for a mileage log.

4) That green arrow will open a download bar (bottom of screen).
5) Click that gray down-arrow, and a pop-up menu will appear.
6) Click "Open" in the pop-up menu, and your computer should launch Excel and display the file.
Once you are into Excel, you can scroll left/right and up/down to see the entire sheet of data.  And also click on the multiple sheet tabs at the bottom, to see additional data - they often have the individual miles in the first sheet, and a variety of summaries in a second sheet.
7) Excel:
And thanks to all the Fleet Captains who have so meticulously collected and maintained this data throughout the years.

The author, John Rich