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Bolivar Peninsula Nature Trail
April, 2016
Natalie Wiest

As you all may know, I have been representing Houston Canoe Club on the Bolivar Peninsula Nature Tourism Council as BPNTC has been developing a proposal for funding to improve kayaking sites and nature trails along the peninsula. Houston Audubon has been the impetus behind this effort and has enlisted the help of National Park Service professional planner Justin Bates in developing the proposal. Hoped for funding would come from the RESTORE Act, basically BP money to restore the coast and coastal resources as a result of the Horizon oil spill of some years back.

I requested from the HCC Board a letter in support of this proposal.  The Board reviewed and approved the letter, and Commodore Honey Leveen has signed it for delivery to the National Park Service for inclusion with the proposal.

- Natalie Wiest

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HCC Letter of Support, click thumbnail image below:

Natalie Wiest