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In the News

A selection of paddling-related news stories.

"Out on the Bayou with the Boy Scouts" (Houston, TX)
"We went out with Paul Hung and his band of intrepid Boy Scouts last week to document wildlife tracks on the banks of Buffalo Bayou.  We saw a lot of interesting things, including footprints of mysterious creatures behaving in puzzling ways, some strange yellow liquid, and flying seat cushions nesting in the trees..."
Complete story: Save Buffalo Bayou                                                    

"How Old is Buffalo Bayou?  Where Does it Come From?" (Houston, TX)
"Want to learn about the geology and natural history of Buffalo Bayou?  Save Buffalo Bayou is partnering with professional geologist Tom Helm, who also happens to be an outstanding naturalist and river guide, to offer floating classes on the geology of our 18,000-year-old mother bayou.  Paddle with Tom on a two-hour canoe trip down Buffalo Bayou and see some of our Pleistocene natural history right here in the middle of Houston..."
Complete story: Save Buffalo Bayou                                                   .  

"TPWD to Standardize Zebra Mussel Classification System" (Texas)
"Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) is updating its system of classifying zebra mussel presence in lakes to better describe the level of impact and align with standards used by other state and federal agencies.  Currently, six Texas lakes are classified as infested with zebra mussels... “Transitioning to this classification system helps us to paint a better picture for the public of what is happening with zebra mussels on our lakes,” said Monica McGarrity, Austin Aquatic Invasive Species Team Leader for TPWD..."
Complete story: Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept.         

"First Esquif T-Formex Canoe" (Canada)
"After three long years, a bankruptcy, reinvestment and startup and more waiting, Equif Canoes owner Jacques Chasse has finally produced sheets of the long-awaited, magical material he’s been calling T-Formex. And not only has he produced sheets of the material in his factory, he’s actually produced real canoes with the stuff. Yes, it seems that the most drawn-out drama of modern canoeing history may be coming to an end—but only if T-Formex proves to be as good or better than Royalex..."
Complete story: Rapid Media                                                     

"8 Things to Ask Before Tripping Together"
"Every paddler knows—there’s nothing like going on a multi-day trip to really get to know someone. Tripping together can work out beautifully and cement lifelong friendships or can lead to dramatic disasters when personalities collide under challenging conditions. Here are some key questions to discuss with your tripping partners before you hit the water..."
Complete story: Canoeroots Magazine                                                     

"Behind the curtain of Pyongyang, North Korea"
"A man rows a canoe in Pyongyang, North Korea..."
Complete story: SFgate                                                      

"Canoe safety emphasized after 58 Missouri fatalities in 2015" (Joplin, MO)
"After a high number of drownings occurred in Missouri in 2015, canoeists are being reminded to take safety precautions when floating along area rivers. The Joplin Globe reports that canoe outfitters in McDonald County, the state water patrol and the McDonald County Health Department are emphasizing safety this season. Last year, Missouri lakes and rivers had 58 reports of drownings, twice the number reported in 2014..."
Complete story:                                                      

"Lease program helps anglers' access to rivers" (Texas)
"The 30-mile-or-so stretch of the Brazos River downstream from Lake Whitney holds a wonderful bass fishery, with spectacular scenery and a world of wildlife in, over and along its course.  What it didn't have until recently was a way for most anglers to access and enjoy most of that exceptional resource...  But that has changed on the Brazos and several other Texas rivers as a result of a state program that leases riverside tracts from private landowners willing to allow the public to use their property as sites to access rivers..."
Complete story:                                                     

"U.S.-Mexico Teamwork Where the Rio Grande Is but a Ribbon"
 (Big Bend National Park, Texas)
"There are places in the desert canyons of far West Texas where the border between the United States and Mexico amounts to an olive-green ribbon of water, so shallow that canoes scrape to a halt on the rocks. Here the Rio Grande — the border that has separated the two countries since 1848 — narrows to a pinch...

One of the only ways to remove giant cane on the Rio Grande in Big Bend National Park in Texas is by intentionally burning it. A group of American and Mexican firefighters burned 110 acres of it in a remote stretch of the border, as part of a river conservation project..."
Complete story: New York Times                                                                                               Entry contributed by John Ohrt.