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Tornado Strikes Austin Canoe Dealership
March, 2016
Tom Douglas

On the afternoon of March 26, a funnel cloud dropped suddenly from the skies over Austin, Texas, destroying one of the city’s largest canoe dealerships. Debris was scattered over a large area of the city. Jessica McMillan, who was walking across the University of Texas campus at the time, said, “I heard something that sounded like a giant train, and then this huge silver thing came flying straight at me. I thought it was going to hit me, but I lucked out and it landed off to my right.” A surveillance camera for an adjacent university building caught this shot. “I’ll never forget this. I thought I was done for,” Jessica commented further. UT officials expect to have the wreckage cleared in about a week.

For more info about this canoe disaster, click here.

The author,Tom Douglas