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HomeNL-2016-04 2 Last Meeting Minutes
Last Meeting Minutes
by Frank Ohrt & Fran Wilcox

March 9th, 2016
Bayland Park Community Center
Recorder: Frank Ohrt
It was a dark and stormy night...  The Commodore called the meeting to order and introduced the officers. Ann Derby volunteered to be the Sergeant-at-Arms, in charge of setting up the projector before each meeting.


The Commodore Emeritus emphasized the importance of putting discretion ahead of valor. We all need to know when to say, “That’s it! Let’s turn around and head for shelter.” when the weather gets ugly. Don’t wait until you are already hypothermic.


The Commodore moved to accept the minutes of the previous meeting. The motion was seconded and approved.


The Purser gave the financial report. Yay! We’re solvent!


The Boatswain announced two new members - Linda Crays and Russell Adams, who was present.

The Fleet Captain reported on trips paddled since the previous meeting:
  • Feb. 11, Champion Lake - Dave Kitson, 5 paddlers.
  • Feb. 13, Shangdi La Community Trash-off - Terri Morgan.
  • Feb. 13, Armand Bayou - John and Cindy Bartos, Cancelled due to traffic jam.
  • Feb. 18, West Double Bayou - Natalie Weist, 4 paddlers.
  • Feb. 19-21, Boquillas Canyon - Tisha and Philip Matticks, 7 paddlers.
  • March 5, San Marcos Rive Clean-up - Frank Ohrt, 15 paddlers.
She then called for upcoming trips:
  • March 11, Boggy Nature Park, Port O’Connor (non-HCC).

  • March 12, Buffalo Bayou Regatta.

  • March 24-28, Boquillas Canyon - Ken Anderson.

  • March 31-April 3, Bayou La Fourth, LA - Kent Walters.

  • April 3, Brazos River, Fort Bend Green (non-HCC).

  • April 9, Turtle Bayou - Tisha and Philip Matticks.

  • April 15-17, East Texas Adventure - Natalie Weist and Mary Zaborowski.

  • April 16, Hidalgo Falls Festival.

  • April 22-24, Earth Day, Dallas (non-HCC).


The Newsletter editor was absent. The Commodore asked everyone to read the monthly newsletter.
  Natalie Wiest &
Fran Wilcox
The Vice-Commodore introduced the speaker, Natalie Wiest, who spoke about the procedures for leading a trip. She did a really good job. There was much discussion of procedure, safety, etc.

The Recorder and Newsletter Editor volunteered to fulfill all the duties of the various club officers for the years 2017-2020.
7:45   The Commodore moved to adjourn the meeting; seconded and approved.

Recorder, Frank Ohrt

March 2nd, 2016
Virtual Meeting, Online/Telephone
Recorder: Fran Wilcox
Members conferencing: Honey Leveen, Fran Wilcox, John Rich, Natalie Wiest, Frank Ort, Harmon Everett, Terry Herdlicka.
Not in conference: Bob Naeger
Reel Film Festival
Natalie Wiest reported on the possibility of using the Alamo Draft house for the festival. They want $1,000.00 up front and a guarantee of $2,000 in food sales. The consensus of the Board was that the Reel Paddle fest is not feasible at this time.
HASK webmaster meeting
Natalie and Harmon met with HASK and found that the online waivers are not that difficult to complete. The club will need to contract with a 3rd party company for this waiver service. The cost is $150.00 per year. Harmon had also gotten some ideas from HASK to use on our website. We will “borrow” some ideas and will give credit to those whom it is due. Some ideas that were discussed: Categories in the “Events” tab, different colors, forums and adding a widget for maneuverability in the “Upcoming Events” tab.
Frank made a motion to have the club pay the 3rd party fee for the waiver. This voted on and approved.
Natalie stated that everyone must register on our trips to be covered insurance-wise and we (HCC) need to be more stringent with this issue. The waivers are available online and it was suggested that the trip leader should also have hard copies in the event that a member or non-member forgets theirs.
Frank motioned that the board require members to sign an ACA liability waiver at the time of membership/renewal.
Natalie expressed concern over the Bayou La Fouche trip regarding trip miles (self-reported?) and waivers for the participants. Frank will post this trip on the Forum. Kent Welters had contacted Natalie about this trip.
Upcoming Presentation
Natalie will be speaking on “How to Run a Successful Trip”. She is excited to share the powerpoint to which she has access from Robert Stark of HASK. She will need a computer and laptop.
Future Presentations
Fran has contacted John Bartos for a possible presentation in the future. He will get back to her with some ideas. She has also emailed Mary Z about the possibility of discussing the finer points of Dutch oven cooking (if Mary’s health allows).
Membership Report
Terry is investigating an issue about a payment glitch with one of our members.
Safety Minute
“Check the Weather” or it’s “Better to Stop to Fight another Day”. 
Honey’s Thoughts:
Honey will ask Jim Goodale to assist with setting up the audio/visual equipment. We are still actively searching for a Sergeant at Arms, though.
Harmon motioned to end the meeting. Natalie seconded. The meeting was adjourned.

Recorder, Fran Wilcox