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Last Meeting Minutes

Houston Canoe Club
General Membership Meeting
February 10, 2016
Bayland Park Community Center
The Commodore called the meeting to order. Paul Woodcock gave the Safety Minute, reminding the members that drinking and paddling don’t mix. Paddle now, drink later.


The Commodore introduced the officers who were present, and reported on the pre-meeting dinner at Jax’s.


The Purser was absent, and the Commodore gave the monthly budget report. We’re OK for another month.
The Newsletter Editor reported that there was nothing to report concerning the newsletter.

The Fleet Captain gave out the 100-Miler Awards for 2015. The winners were Joe Coker, Philip and Tisha Matticks, Paul Woodcock, and the grand champion, Kent Walters, at 165.3 miles. Awards were also given to all trip leaders in 2015. Tisha and Philip Matticks led the most trips (5).  Everyone got cool waterproof first-aid kits.

The Fleet Captain reported on recent and upcoming trips.
• Jan. 18 - Trinity River/Old River complex, 4 paddlers.
• Jan. 23 - Double Bayou, 9 paddlers.
• Jan. 30 - Columbus Loop, T. and P. Matticks, 32 paddlers.
• Feb.  6 - Upper Guadalupe, Bob Naeger.

• Feb. 10 - Champion Lake, Dave Kitson.
• Feb. 13 - Armand Bayou, John and Cindy Bartos.
• Feb. 13 - Shangri-la Trash-off, Terri Morgan.
• Feb. 19-20, Boquillas Canyon, Tisha Matticks.
• Feb. 21 - Jones Bay, Natalie Wiest.
• Feb. 21-28, Big Bend or Pecos River, Ken Anderson.
• March 5 - San Marcos River Clean-up, Frank Ohrt.
• March 12 - Buffalo Bayou Regatta, Matt Woodruff/Terry Herdlicka.
• March 24-28 - Boquillas Canyon, Ken Anderson.
• April 9 - Turtle Bayou, Philip Matticks.


The Boatswain gave the membership report. There were no new members.
Fran Wilcox &
Darrin Lewer
The Vice Commodore introduced Darrin Lewer, from Land, Sea and Sky, who spoke about star-gazing with the naked eye, and with binoculars.


The Commodore moved to close the meeting, was seconded, and the members who were still paying attention concurred.

General Meeting Recorder,
Frank Ohrt

Houston Canoe Club
Board Meeting
February 3, 2016
Virtual meeting via the internet
Those in attendance are Bob Naegar, Harmon Everett, Terry Herdlicka, Frank Ohrt, Natalie Wiest, John Rich, Fran Wilcox and Honey Leveen.

The meeting commenced at 7:34 PM.

1. Reel Film Festival -Natalie continued the discussion on the Reel Film Festival which is basically a rental of short films relating to our particular sport. She wants to use this opportunity to educate folks and promote kayaking. Breaking even would be acceptable as this would be a public service opportunity. The Board had several questions, suggestions and ideas.
a.) How much prior notice does our club need before committing to host this festival?
b.) What venue? – The Aurora, 18Q?
c.) How long would our event be? We pay for 1-time showing.
d.) Can we get HASK and ACK to partner with us?
All agreed that more fact finding is needed before presenting this to the membership.
2. Treasurer’s Report – Bob stated that we have 14 new members/renewals for last month. We will have approximately 20 members who will be getting the 100 Miler awards at the February meeting. All is good with the budget.
3. Membership Report – Terry reported that we have 1 new member – Gavin Brown from Ft. Worth and discussed that Robert Trout is having an issue with how to access his registration. Bob will assist with this issue.
4. Trip Report – Natalie discussed possibly tweaking the Trip Registration to look more like the design that HASK uses. This would make our sign up more transparent with names and perhaps avert potential issues with registration.

She also questioned as to whether HCC will allow non-members to register for trips? The club could pay for waivers on-line (which are approved by the ACA). Natalie and Harmon will be investigating this issue and meeting with a member from HASK who is familiar with this.
5. Program Report – Fran discussed at this month’s meeting will be Darrin Lewar who will be speaking about the Night Sky. Natalie will be speaking next month on “How to Run a Successful Trip”
6. Webmaster – Harmon has graciously agreed to act as Webmaster ProTem. Harmon had purchased a laptop for the club to use at the 50th Anniversary Events and is willing sell it to HCC for $250.  Natalie made a motion to buy, Honey Leveen seconded the motion and all agreed to the purchase. Bob will send the check to Harmon.
7. Newsletter Report – John has completed uploading the final documents and Louis Aulbach will take these documents to Rice U. John discussed the fact that approximately 200 of the emails of our mailing database are blocked, trash, etc and are not being delivered. It may be time to clean up the out of date email addresses.  John and Frank have also added new photos to the home page of the web site. There are no issues and everything is running smoothly.
8. Safety minute – Hypothermia – as it is winter and dangerous.
9. Sergeant-at-Arms – Honey is in search for a person with technical knowledge to fill this position ASAP.

Honey will be posting the club meeting notifications.

Board Meeting Recorder,
Fran Wilcox